Culture & Society Midterm

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  1. The reason why somebody does something
  2. Different groups doing different things
    Sociologist Perspective
  3. Someone can go from a negative environment to a positive one and change
    Social Change
  4. The study of human cultures
  5. The study of politics
    Political Science
  6. The study of human behavior in Society
  7. The organized pattern of social relationships and social institutions that together constitute society
    Social Structure
  8. The consumption of goods and services
  9. Working to serve people
    Social Work
  10. Patterns of behavior
    Sociological Imagination
  11. Problems that occur in your everyday life
  12. involves/ effects other people
  13. 3 dimensions of Issues
    • Political
    • Economical
    • Cultural
  14. Studies society through interactions within individuals and small groups
    Symbolic Interactionism
  15. The role of coercion and power, a person's or group's ability to exercise influence and control
  16. The role of coercion and power, a person's or group's ability to exercise influence and control over others, i producing social order
    Conflict Theory
  17. Interaction between individuals is negotiated through shared
    Symbols, gestures, & nonverbal communication
  18. The complex system of meaning and behavior that defines the way of life for a given group or society
  19. The objects created ina given society
    Material Culture
  20. Characteristics of Culture:

    Culture is...
    • Shared
    • Learned
    • Taken for Granted
    • Symbolic
    • Varies across time & place
  21. A set of symbols and rules that, combined in a meaningful way, provides a complex communication system
  22. Language determines other aspects of culture b/c language provides the categories through which social reality is defined
    Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis
  23. Shared ideas held collectively by people within a given culture about what is true
  24. The abstract standards in a society or group that define ideal principles
  25. The channels of communication that are available to wide segments of the population
    Mass Media
  26. The beliefs, practices, & objects that are part of everyday traditions
    Popular Culture
  27. The transmission of cultural elements from one society or cultural group to another
    Cultural Diffusion
  28. Defined and elaborated sociological research
    Sir Francis Bacon
  29. A specific research question about a focused point that is based on a more general or universal principle
    Deductive Reasoning
  30. The overall logic & strategy underlying a research project
    Research Design
  31. Another source of sociological insight.. It arrives at general conclusions from specific observations
    Inductive Reasoning
  32. An effect first discovered while observing work groups at Western Electric Plant in Hawthorne, Illinoise
                           -Changed after studied
    Hawthorne Effect
  33. Sometimes while pursuing one question, a researcher will stumble across an unexpected finding
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