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  1. Renaissance- what does the word mean?
    rebirth, reawakening
  2. renaissance years
    • 1350-1527
    • 15th century
  3. What preceded the renaissance?
    middle ages
  4. When did the Renaissance take place?
    • 1350-1527
    • 15th century
  5. Why did it begin in Italy?
    • wealthy, trading cities
    • secular
    • birthplace of ancient Rome
    • rise of middle class
    • rise of bankers (patron of the arts)
  6. Italian wealthy trading cities
    Genoa, Venice, Pisa, Florence
  7. key city (Italy)
  8. define secular
    • less interested in religion
    • more focus on $$, materialism
  9. middle class consists of
    bankers, artisans, merchants
  10. Humanism
    • intellectual movement based on the respect for the culture of A. Greece + A. Rome
    • humans are worthy of respect + capable of great things
  11. 2 key ideas of the Renaissance
    • Humanism
    • Education
  12. Giovanni Pico Della Mirandola quote
    "men can do all things if they will"
  13. the Medici family of Florence
    • Cosimo de Medici- powerful banker
    • powerful, wealthy
    • patron of the arts
  14. words associated with the renaissance
    intellectual, artistic, scientific, education, optimistic
  15. Education
    • improve society
    • math, science, history
  16. Middle Ages
    • God is powerful
    • men are insignificant
    • humans are evil
    • obsessed w/ salvation
    • pessimistic
  17. Renaissance
    • praise God
    • humans were created in God's image
    • humans are good
    • optimistic
  18. Giovanni Pico della Mirandola
    • essay on humanism
    • God is the "supreme architect of the universe"
    • upper world, middle world, lower world
    • Humans were created to appreciate God's work
  19. Giovanni Pico della Mirandola
    upper, middle, lower world
    • upper- God + angels- beyond heaven
    • lower- creatures, animals, filthy
    • middle- humans- Earth
  20. Giovanni Pico della Mirandola
    What separates man from animals?
    • intelligence, ability to think
    • ability to choose (free will)- man can shape his destiny
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