an intro to bone markings

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  1. Process
    any projection or bump
  2. Ramus
    an extension of a bone making an angle with the rest of the structure
  3. Trochanter
    A large, rough projection
  4. Tuberosity
    A smaller, rough projection
  5. Tubercle
    A small, rounded projection
  6. Crest
    A prominent ridge
  7. Line
    A low ridge
  8. Spine
    A pointed or narrow process
  9. Head
    The expanded articular end of an epiphysis, seperated from the shaft by a neck
  10. Neck
    A narrow connection between the epiphysis and the diaphysis
  11. Condyle
    A smooth, rounded articular process
  12. Trochlea
    A smooth, grooved articular process shaped like a pulley
  13. Facet
    A small, flat articular surface
  14. Fossa
    A shallow depression
  15. Sulcus
    A narrow groove
  16. Foramen
    A rounded passageway for blood vessels or nerves
  17. Canal
    A duct or channel
  18. Meatus
    A passageway through a bone
  19. Fissure
    An elongated cleft or slit
  20. Sinus
    A chamber within a bone, normally filled with air
  21. diaphysis
    The shaft of a long bone
  22. Epiphysis
    The head of a long bone
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