Verbs like Gustar

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  1. Gustar will always be written as Gusta or Gustan depending if the subject of the sentence is singular or plural
    • me gusta el libro
    • nos gusta el libro
    • les gusta el libro

    • os gustan los libros  (the IO does not affect "Gustar")
    • te gustan los libros
  2. Aburrir
    to bore
  3. fascinar
    to be fascinating to
  4. bastar
    to be sufficient
  5. importar
    to be important to
  6. caer bien (mal)
    To (not) suit
  7. interesar
    to be interesting to
  8. dar asco
    to be loathsome
  9. molestar
    to be a bother
  10. disgustar
    to hate something
  11. parecer
    to appear to be, to seem
  12. doler (o:ue)
    to be painful
  13. picar
    to itch
  14. to "love" something
  15. quedar
    to be left over, remain
  16. faltar
    to be lacking something
  17. volver (o:ue) loco
    to be crazy about
  18. She likes meat
    le gusta la carne
  19. You like the paintings
    Te gustan las pinturas
  20. I'm lacking the money to buy the ring
    Me falta el dinero para comprar el anillo
  21. We're lacking the money to buy the tickets
    Nos falta el dinero para comprar los boletos

    Sub: el dinero (singular)
  22. She's lacking four chairs
    le faltan cuatro sillas


    A ella le faltan cuatro sillas
  23. The house seems expensive (to us)
    La casa nos parece cara 
  24. The movie seems good to her
    La película le parace buena


    A ella la película le parace buena
  25. The commercials bother him little.
    Los anuncios le molestan poco.
  26. The drunks bother us in the street
    Los borrachos nos molestan en la calle.
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