Biol 32 Bones and Skeletal Tissue

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  1. Composition of the skeletal system include
    • Bones
    • Joints with cartilage, tendons and ligaments
  2. What are the 3 basic types of cartaliage?
    • Hyaline
    • Elastic cartaliage
    • Fibrocartaliage¬†
  3. Hyaline carataliage:
    • it provides firm support with some flexability
    • a) articular cartaliages covers the ends of bones at moveable joints (articulation is a joint)
    • b) costal cartialages connects ribs to the sternum (costa=rib, costal cartialiage allows for flexability. ex-CPR)
    • c) respitory tract, voice box and nasal areas (ex-cartaliage in the nose)
  4. Elastic cartaliage:
    • Stretch flexability
    • ears, epiglottis
  5. Fibrocartilage:
    • strength from collagen fibers but cushioning ability also (very thick and visable)
    • a) padlike cartaliage of the knee (menisci)
    • b) the discs between vertebrae (as people get older they loose there fibrocartaliage which makes them shrink)
  6. What are the different functions of bones?
    • support
    • movment
    • protection
    • mineral storage
    • blood cell formation
  7. What are the different classifications of bones? (shape is important; not size)
    • Long Bones: elongated with shaft + two ends (they function as levers ex-humerus)
    • Short Bones: roughly cube shaped (ankle and wrist bones) is typically a gliding motion
    • Flat Bones: skull, ribs, sternum (ex-sternum provides protection; scapula is the shoulder blade and it provides muscle attachment)
    • Irregular Bones: Vertebrae, hip bones (things are going to fit into the irregularities)
  8. What are the bone tissue types?
    • Compact: smooth and solid apperance (ex-protection) outter casing tough filled with minerals in ECF
    • Spongy: honeycomb (ex- skull bone) this space is used to defuse force which is a form of protection.
  9. The structure of long bones include:
    • Diaphysis (shaft)
    • Epiphysis (expanded end area)
    • Blood vessels¬†
    • Medullary cavity
    • Membranes
    • Compact and spongy
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