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  1. Kii Optical Separator Obturator - Recessed, Rotating Scope Lock
    automatically holds the scope securely in place and maintians image stability during insertion

  2. Kii Optical Separator Obturator - Interlocking Obturator 
    snap locks into the seal providing secure alignment of obturator tip and cannula during insertion.  Available in handled and non-handled versions

  3. Kii Optical Separator Obturator - Seperator Tip-Opticle Capability
    allows insertion of a scope into the obturator for visualization of the tissue layers during insertion, and visual confirmation of entry into the absominal cavity

  4. Kii Optical Separator Obturator - Separator Tip-Sequential Helix
    creates minimal fascial defect and as a result may not require suture closure at the end of the procedure.  Also reduces the chance of piercing or cutting abdominal wall vessels during insertion and associated bleeding or hematoma.

  5. Kii Optical Separator Obturator - Separator Tip-Premium Optics
    provides unparelled clarity and visuilation of the tissue layers during insertion

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Kii Optical Separator Obturator

Kii Optical Separator Obturator
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