Grammar Rules

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  1. When to use Pedir vs Preguntar
    • pedir: to ask for or order (an object or a service) 
    • Pido más carne. I ask for more meat.

    • preguntar: to ask (a question, request information)
    • Preguntamos a qué hora sirven la cena.We ask what time they serve dinner.
  2. adjective: good
    comparative: better
    Superlative: best
    bueno, mejor, el/la mejor
  3. adjective: bad
    comparative: worse
    Superlative: the worst
    • malo
    • peor
    • el/la peor
  4. Comparative: older; greater
    Superlative: the oldest; the greatest
    • mayor
    • el/la mayor

    used for "age" and concepts of "more" or "less"
  5. Juan is younger than Maria.
    Juan es menor que María.
  6. Maria is the oldest of the family.
    María es la mayor de la familia.
  7. Water is more important than food.
    El agua es de mayor importancia que la comida.
  8. Food is less important than water.
    La comida es de menor importancia que el agua.
  9. This house is big.

    That house is bigger.

    That house over there is the biggest.
    Esta casa es grande.

    Esa casa es más grande.

    Aquella casa es la más grande.
  10. This book is good.

    That book is better.

    That book over there is the best.
    Este libro es bueno.

    Ese libro es mejor.

    Aquel libro es el mejor.
  11. Masculine Demonstratives:

    This, that, that (one over there)

    These, Those, Those (ones over there)
    singular: este, ese, aquel

    plural: estos, esos, aquellos
  12. Feminine Demonstratives:

    This, that, that (one over there)

    These, Those, Those (ones over there)
    singular: esta, esa, aquella

    plural: estas, esas, aquellas
  13. Each demonstrative pronoun also has a neuter form. They do not change for number or gender, and they are used to refer to abstract ideas, or to an unknown object.
    • esto (this matter, this thing)
    • eso (that matter, that thing)
    • aquello (that matter/thing over there)
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