Humanities Ch 16 Test

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    • Vierzehnheiligen Pilgrim Church, Neumann
    • Rococo
    • 14 holy helpers, each w/ own special ability
    • Queirolo, Deception Unmasked
    • Rococo
    • Artist always covers figure in a net or veil
    •  Houdon, George Washington
    • Neo-classical
    • Looks like himself, not a god
    • Fragonard, Love Letters
    • Rococo
    • Guy in love, girl unintrested
    • David, Death of Marat
    • Neo-classical
    • Less graphic to be respectful because they were friends
    • Hogarth, The Marriage Contract
    • Neo-classical
    • Shows artists feeling on arranged marriages
    • David, Oath of the Horatii
    • Neo-classical
    • Final blow on Rococo period
    •  Canova, Pauline Bonaparte Borghese as Venus Victorious
    • Neo-classical
    • Apple in hand represents Venus's victory
    • Watteau, Return from Cythera
    • Rococo
    • Darker colors than other painting, more like real life
    • Hogarth, Shortly After the Marriage
    • Neo-classical
    • Suggets both husband and wife having affairs
    • Tiepolo, The Immaculate Conception
    • Rococo
    • Artist used rococo and painted religion, no one did this at the time
    •  Boffrand, Salon de la Princesse
    • Rococo
    • Ceiling drapes onto walls
    • Jefferson, Virginia State Capitol
    • Neo-classical
    • Based on French architecture
    • David, Napoleon Crossing the Alps
    • Neo-classical
    • 5 different versions, propoganda painting
    • Pigalle, Voltaire
    • Neo-classical
    • First sculpture made of living writer
    • Carriera, Anna Sofia d’Este
    • Rococo
    • Propoosed new genre of protaits done in pastels
    • Souflot, The Pantheon
    • Neo-classical
    • Burial place after French revolution
    •  Gainsborough, Mary, Countess Howe
    • Rococo
    • Artist was in love with her
    • Fragonard, The Swing 
    • Rococo
    • Commisioned by Baron, girl is his misstress
    • Watteau, Pilgrimage to Cythera
    • Rococo
    • Lighter colors, happier mood
    •  Boucher. Vulcan Presenting Venus with Arms for Aeneas
    • Rococo
    • Did more pieces w/ gods and goddesses
    • Gainsborough, Haymaker and Sleeping Girl
    • Rococo
    • Shows seperation of classes

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