Muscle Tissue Chapter 10

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  1. The three types of muscle tissue are
    skeletal, cardiac, and smooth
  2. Cardiac, skeletal, and smooth muscle tissue differ in _____, ______, _____, and _______
    • structure
    • location
    • function
    • means of activation
  3. Skeletal and smooth muscle cells are _______ and are called ________ fibers
    • elongated
    • muscle fibers
  4. Muscle contraction depends on two kinds of myofilaments; ________ and ________
    • actin
    • myosin
  5. Sarcolemma
    muscle plasma membrane
  6. Sarcoplasm
    cytoplasm of a muscle cell
  7. Prefixes that refer to muscle
    • myo
    • mys
    • sarco
  8. The functions of Muscle include:
    • Movement of body parts and organ contents
    • Maintain posture and prevent movement
    • Communication- speech, expression and writing
    • Control of openings and passageways
    • Body heat production
    • Storage soft tissues
  9. Functional Characteristics of Muscle tissue:
    • Excitability or irritability: ┬áthe ability to receive and respond to stimuli
    • Contractility: the ability to shorten forcibly
    • Extensibility: the ability to be stretched or extended
    • Elasticity: The ability to recoil and resume the original resting length
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