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  1. Kii Z-Thread Cannula - Inverse Thread Pattern Retention

    provides unparalleled retention in the abdominal wall, minimizing both farward and reverse migration of the cannula throughout the procedure.

  2. Kii Z-Thread Cannula - Inverse Thread Pattern-Insertion

    provides easier insertion and movement, and complements existing surgeon inserton technique

  3. Kii Z-Thread Cannula - Inverse Thread Pattern Atraumatic

    allows removal of the cannula with minimal disruption to tissue layers

  4. Kii Z-Thread Cannula - Side Tabs
    allow easy oinch remaval of Kii seal for specimen removal or rapid desufflation at end of case

  5. Kii Z-Thread Cannula - Marker Band
    provides clear indication of complete entry into the abdominal cavity

  6. Kii Z-Thread Cannula - Shalloe Angle Tip
    reduces insertion force required during placement, and minimizes tip depth required to be advanced into the abdominal cavity.

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