Turbine Test 2

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  1. Highest pressure point in a turbine engine?
  2. What is 1 function of the nozzle diaphragm in a turbine?
    • - to raise velocity
    • - to direct airflow
  3. What is a profile of a compressor blade?
    A cut out to reduce tip thickness
  4. In a dual spool compressor, the forward spool is also known as?
    • - LPC - low pressure compressor
    • - N1
  5. PT7 stands for?
    Total pressure station 7
  6. When blending blades, how do you file them?
    Parallel to the grain structure
  7. What engine section mixes the fuel and air?
    Combustion section
  8. Combustion occurs at what pressure?
    Constant pressure
  9. At high engine speeds, thrust will increase rapidly with?
    Small changes in RPM
  10. For a dual spool compressor at high altitudes, compressor speed will increase when?
    load decreases
  11. What are the 3 ways to identify the diffuser?
    • -diffuser
    • -outlet of compressor
    • -inlet of combustor
  12. what are the 2 functions of a stator?
    • -to raise pressure
    • -to direct airflow
  13. What is the main function of the turbine?
    to drive the compressor
  14. In a dual spool engine, the first stage turbine drives which compressor?
    N2 compressor
  15. What are the 2 basic elements of the compressor section?
    stator and rotor
  16. What are the 2 elements in a centrifugal compressor?
    impeller and diffuser
  17. If there are vanes on both sides of an impeller it is?
    a dual entry
  18. Some manufacturers identify turbine discharge pressure as?
  19. What makes up the hot section?
    combustion, trubine, exhaust
  20. What makes up the cold section?
    inlet, compressor, diffuser
  21. What is needed to weld and straighten turbine blades?
    special equipment
  22. Is welding and straightening turbine blades recommended?
    No, it's better to replace them
  23. What can you NOT mark on a turbine section with?
    pencils,wax,or grease
  24. What is the advantage of axial flow compressors?
    higher compression ratio for each stage added
  25. What are 3 types of turbine blades?
    Impulse, Reaction, & Combination (Impulse Reaction)
  26. A propeller has what affect on air?
    It has a small acceleration to a large mass of air
  27. A turbine has what affect on air?
    It has a high acceleration to a small mass of air
  28. Axial flow compressors equal?
    high peak efficiency
  29. What is the purpose of the diffuser?
    increase pressure and decrease velocity
  30. Where do stress ruptures usually happen on a turbine blade?
    leading and trailing edge (90 degrees to the grain)
  31. Why are turbine blades more susceptible to damage than compressor blades?
    because of the heat
  32. What is the limiting factor of a turbine engine?
    TIT (Turbine Inlet Temperature)
  33. How do you reduce vibration and improve airflow in a turbine?
    use shrouded blades to prevent tip losses
  34. Which engine compressor offers the greatest advantage for starting and performance?
    split spool axial flow
  35. If you remove a blade for inspection, how must it be reinstalled?
    in the same position it was removed from
  36. What is one advantage of a centrifugal compressor?
    high pressure rise per stage
  37. What are the 2 types of centrifugal compressors?
    single entry and dual entry
  38. What is the name of the stationary blades on the compressor section?
  39. What is the standard day pressure?
    29.92" HG & 14.7 PSI
  40. What is the standard day temperature?
    59 degrees F
  41. If you have a turbine blade that is overtemped, what kind of failure should be expected?
    stress ruptures on blades
  42. When are hot section inspections usually performed?
    on a time or cycle basis
  43. The purpose of the shroud on a turbine blade?
    to reduce vibration
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