Chapter 2

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  1. Define psychoanalysis
    • the belief that peoples behaviours are based on their unconscious desries and conflicts 
    • Sigmund Freud
  2. What is the Psychoanalytic Theory
    • a theory which states that mental processes are influenced by the competition between unconscious and conscious forces
    • childhood experiences set the stage for later psychological functioning 
  3. Define Behaviourism
    • belief that scientific investigation should focus only on the behaviour you can observe
    • believes mental processes are abstract and not suitable for study
    • focuses on the relationship between stimuli and response
  4. 5 famous Behaviourists
    • B(BF Skinner)
    • A(Abraham Maslow)
    • J(John Watson)
    • I(Ivan Pavlov)
    • E(Edward Thorndike(
  5. Humanistic Psychology
    • capactity for personal growth, freedom to choose personal identity
    • our SUBJECTIVE perceptions of the world are more important than behaviours itself
    • rejected behaviourism because it did not account for distinct human characteristics
  6. 2 famous humanistic psychologists
    • Carl Rogers (father)
    • Abraham Maslow (hierarchy of needs, theory of motivation)
  7. Cognitive Psychology
    • Focuses on the mental processes in how people;
    • process information
    • develop language
    • solve problems and think

    compares human to a computer
  8. this man coined the term "cognitive psychology" as a study of information processing
    Ulric Neisser
  9. 2 famous Neuroscientists
    • Karl Lashley
    • Rogger Sperry
  10. 2 core beliefs of science
    • the universe operates according to certain natural laws
    • such laws are discoverable and testable
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