How animals talk

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  1. charging
    If an animal is charging, it is rushing or moving quickly towards something or someone.
  2. ferocious
    A ferocious animal looks angry and wild.
  3. signal
    A signal is a sound or an action that sends a message.
  4. flick
    When you flick something, you move it or snap it quickly.
  5. alert
    If you alert people to something, you get their attention and let them know to be careful.
  6. communicate
    When two people or animals communicate, they share information.
  7. chatter
    When animals chatter, they repeat their sounds quickly.
  8. grooms
    When an animal grooms itself, it makes itself neat and clean.
  9. dominant
    If someone or something is the strongest, it is dominant.
  10. conflict
    If two animals are fighting, they are in a conflict.
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How animals talk

How animals talk
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