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  1. What does a tunic look like?
    A long T-shirt
  2. What would a quick breakfast be for Caecilius?
    Bread and water
  3. Who were Caecilius' clientes>
    His former slaves and those who owed him money
  4. Describe two things that happened after lunch
    Romans would take a siesta, then go to the baths
  5. Describe in detail what the dining room would look like
    The couces in a horse shoe shape with a small, circular, elegant tabe.
  6. What would typical dessert items be?
    Fruits, cheese, nuts, and a basket of figs.
  7. Make the Subproum
    • 1____I_____|____we______
    • 2___you____|_y'uys, y'all____
    • 3_Him/her/ it  |____they_____
  8. Palla
    A square shawl
  9. Eumachia
    A woman with great wealth and power who was a big power in the clothing indusrty
  10. Fauces
  11. E pluribus unum
    Out of many one
  12. Alter ego
    other me.
  13. Ab ovo ad mala
    From the egg to the apple - From beginning to the end
  14. Cave Canem
    beware of the dog
  15. Ave atgue vale
    Hail (brother) farewell
  16. Alma Mater
    Nourishing mother - usually used to talk about one's old school, how they nourished their brains.
  17. What did meals cosist of and how were they eaten?
    • Bfast - water and bread
    • lunch - meat and fruit
    • supper - elaborate

    with their hands and on a couch.
  18. What were some rituals and activities they and their slaves they took part in?
    Caecilius would take place in the salutatio, the reception of his clientes.

    Went to the market




    Large supper
  19. What did they wear on various occasions?
    • typically a tunic which was covered in a toga.
    • girls: a stola, and a palla if they were going out. Also make-up
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