Exam 2- 3

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    The Slaughtered Swine Adriaen van Ostade 1678
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    The World Upside Down Jan Steen Dutch 1665
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    Feast of ST. Nicholas Jan Steen Dutch 1660-65
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    gerard van honthorst The Supper Party 1620
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     A Merry Flea Hunt/ Gerard van Honthorst/ E17/ Holland
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    -Christ child/ Gerard van Honthorst/ E17/ Holland
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    -Guardian Angel/ Gerard van Honthorst/ E17/ Holland
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    Boy with Wine Glass/ Hendrick Ter Brugghen/ E17/ Holland
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    The Flute Player/ Hendrick Ter Brugghen/ E17/ Holland
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    The Calling of S. Matthew (better than Caravaggio's)/ Hendrick Ter Brugghen/ E17/ Holland
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    Self Portrait/ Judith Leyster/ E17/ Dutch
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    Self Portrait/ Maria Van Oosterwyck/ M16/ Dutch (Judith Leyster)
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    Self Portrait/ Rachel Ruysch/ E18/ Dutch (Judith Leyster)
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    The Young Flute Player/ Judith Leyster/ E17/ Dutch
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    Marriage Portrait/ Frans Hals/ E17/ Dutch
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    Willem Coymans/ Frans Hals/ M17/ Dutch
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    The Laughing Cavalier/ Frans Hals/ E17/ Dutch
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    Malle Babbe/ Frans Hals/ M17/ Dutch
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    Portrait of Verdanck/ Frans Hals/ E17/ Dutch
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    Bohemian Girl/ Frans Hals/ E17/ Dutch (France)
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    Assembly of the Guard (aka Archers of S. Hadrian)/ Frans Hals/ E17/ Dutch
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    • Officers of the Haarlem Militia Company/ Frans Hals/ E17/ Dutch
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    Catharina Hooft/ Frans Hals/ E17/ Dutch
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    Mossy Tree/ Hercules Seghers/ E17/ Dutch
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    Rocky Landscape with Ship’s Rigging/ Hercules Seghers/ E17/ Dutch
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    Landscape with Two Stepples/ Hercules Seghers/ E17/ Dutch
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    Return of the Prodigal Son/ Rembrandt van Rijn/ M17/ Dutch
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    Supper at Emmaus/ Rembrandt van Rijn/ M17/ Dutch
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    Jewish Bride/ Rembrandt van Rijn/ M17/ Dutch
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