Unidad 2

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  1. acostar(se)
    to lay down
  2. almorzar
    to eat lunch
  3. contar
    to count
  4. costar
    to cost
  5. dormir(se)
    to sleep, fall asleep
  6. encontrar
    to find
  7. mostrar
    to show
  8. mover
    to move
  9. poder
    to be able (can)
  10. probar
    to try, test
  11. recordar
    to remember
  12. soñar
    to dream
  13. volar
    to fly
  14. volver
    to return
  15. calentar
    to heat up
  16. cerrar
    to close
  17. comenzar
    to start, begin
  18. despertar
    to wake up
  19. divertirse
    to have fun
  20. empezar
    to start, begin
  21. entender
    to understand
  22. mentir
    to lie
  23. merendar
    to eat a snack
  24. pensar
    to think
  25. perder
    to lose
  26. preferir
    to prefer
  27. querer
    to want, love
  28. pedir
    to ask for
  29. repetir
    to repeat
  30. servir
    to serve
  31. arreglar la sala
    to arrange the living room
  32. cocinar la comida
    to cook the food
  33. cortar el césped
    to cut the grass
  34. decorar el patio
    to decorate the patio
  35. hacer la cama
    to make the bed
  36. lavar los platos
    to wash dishes
  37. limpiar el baño
    to clean the bathroom
  38. pasar la aspiradora
    to vacuum
  39. poner la mesa
    to set the table
  40. preparar la cena
    to prepare dinner
  41. sacar la basura
    to take out the trash
  42. trabajar en el jardín
    to work in the garden
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