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  1. ASP.NET
    Structure fo using computer languages to easily build dynamic web pages that automatically adjust to their environment and to the user using any number of programming languages
  2. ASP
    Active Server Page
  3. ASP uses (2)
    • 1. Dynamically generate an HTML page
    • 2. Dynamically generate an XML page
  4. Client machine requests an ASP.NET page...
    Microsoft server runs program to generate HTML, XML, etc. and sneds to client machine all without actual file currenlty existing on the server machine
  5. Server based technology is important because:
    You can dynamically asdjust to what a user enters or who she is without actually revealling the code
  6. Two most popular languages for .NET dev
    • 1. C#
    • 2. VB.NET
  7. ASP.NET faster than classic ASP because
    ASP.NET pages are compiled
  8. IIS
    Internet Information Service - used to process .NET pages by Microsoft servers. Relies on ASPX extension.
  9. ASP.NET actually generates HTML code
    So, when you view source in IE, you are seeing the HTML, not the VB code that created it (which is server side)
  10. Because ASP.NET is only installed on server...
    You don't have to worry about your client being able to handle code because all they are pulling up is the HTML generated by the ASP.NET
  11. Code behind the code
    Place where yo ucan put your VB.NET code used by your ASP.NET web page so that it doesn't have to be on the web page itself
  12. All HTML output from code behind code must
    be placed in quotes
    use apostrophe
  14. Scope of variables (2)
    • Private/Dim- only methods within class are allowed to access your code
    • Public/GLobal - any other class can access your variable, edit it, etc.
  15. & and +
    add numbers or concatenate strings
  16. Cstr
    Convert to string
  17. Logical Operators
    AND, OR, NOT in an if statement...if X = Y and X = Z t han...
  18. Nothing
    Not same as empty string or zero. Means that variable is undefined.
  19. Testing for nothing (2)
    • 1. IsNothing(var1)
    • 2. If var1 = Nothing then
  20. Every if statement returns ________ if one of values is nothing
    false everytime
  21. Array for 5 players on basketball team
    • Dim players (4)
    • player(0)
    • player(1)
  22. Dealing with every element of an array, normally use this type of loop
    For Each loop

    • For Each var in player
    • Response.write(item & "<br />")
    • Next
  23. ReDIM
    erase and resize an array to new dimensions
  24. ReDim Preserve
    Preserve original array, but resize it as well. Used to develop dynamic arrays
  25. Join()
    concatenate elements of array into string
  26. split
    split elements of string into an array
  27. VB.NET and C# are object oriented arrays meaning:
    They manipulate objects (variables) coupled with methods (functions)
  28. Controls
    objects like text, buttons, inputs that appear on website
  29. HTML controls
    input or div
  30. Web server controls
    designed to replace HTML controls when you need additional control over control
  31. validation controls
    used to validate inputs, etc. like javascript validation
  32. Server.CreateObject
    have server create a common ojbect that can be used by programs that run on your web server
  33. Server.mappath
    physical path from the server
  34. Request object
    retrieve information about the client machine
  35. Response object
    referes to client's web page (redirect from one page to another uses this object)
  36. Response.write
    write directly to client's machine's web page
  37. Session object
    special type of cookie that stores variables throughout session (user ids, names, etc.)
  38. contentplaceholder tag
    used for the dependent sites to place their content when using the master page feature of VB
  39. mm object
    Mailmessage object that uses the windows systems to send/receive email

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