Anatomy Exam 2

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  1. CN I
    Name: Olfactory

    Foramen: Cribriform Plate of Ethmoid
  2. CN II
    NAME: Optic

    FORAMEN: Optic Canal (sphenoid)
  3. CN III
    NAME: Oculomotor

  4. CN IV
    NAME: Trochlear

  5. CN V
    • Name Trigeminal
    •                   CN V1 - Opthalmic (SOF)
    •                   CN V2 - Maxillary (Foramen rotundum)
    •                   CN V3 - Mandibular (Foramen ovale)
  6. CN VI
    Name: Abducent

    Foramen: SOF
  7. CN VII
    Name: Facial

    • Foramen: Internal auditory canal
    •                Stylomastoid foramen
  8. CN VIII
    Name: Auditory (Vestibulocochlear)

    Foramen: Internal Auditory Canal
  9. CN IX
    Name: Glossopharyngeal

    Foramen: Jugular foramen
  10. CN X
    Name: Vagus n.

    Foramen: Jugular Foramen
  11. CN XI
    Name: Spinal Accessory

    Foramen: Jugular foramen
  12. CN XII
    Name: Hypolossal

    Foramen: Hypoglossal canal
  13. Motor Nerve Innervations for CN III
    CN III -- Oculomotor

    superior rectus, medial rectus, inferior rectus, inferior oblique
  14. Motor Nerve Innervations for CN IV
    CN IV - Trochlear

    Superior Oblique
  15. Motor Nerve Innervations for CN V3
    CN V3 -- Mandibular

    Muscles of mastication, mylohyoid, digastric anteerior belly, tensor tympani
  16. Motor Nerve Innervations for CN VI
    CN VI -- Abducent

    lateral rectus
  17. Motor Nerve Innervations for CN VII
    Facial nerve

    Muscles of facial expression, stylohyoid, digastric posterior belly, stapedius
  18. Motor Nerve Innervations for CN XI
    Spinal Accessory

    Trapezious, sternocleidomastoid
  19. Artery that goes through carotid canal, then foramen lacerum
    Internal Carotid Artery
  20. What artery goes through the transverse foramina, then foramen lagnum?
    Vertebral artery
  21. What artery goes through Foramen spinosum?
    Middle Meningeal Artery
  22. Cranial Nerve Mnemonic
    Oh, Oh, Oh, To Taste And Fuck A Girl Virgin's Ass. Hoorah!
  23. CN foramen mnemonic
    Come Over Soon Soon Soon Ride On Some Intense Internal vaJJJ Ha!
  24. Infrahyoid muscles include: and (innervations)
    • sternothyroid (ansa cervicalis)
    • sternohyoid (ansa cervicalis)
    • thyrohyoid (C1)
    • omohyoid (ansa cervicalis)
  25. Suprahyoid muscles include:
    • Digastric
    •      - Anterior   CN V3 -- mandibular
    •      - Posterior ---Facial nerve
    • Geniohyoid ---C1
    • Stylohyoid ---Facial Nerve
    • Mylohyoid--- CN V3 --mandibular
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