Lesson 4 Vocabulary

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  1. aloft
    (adv) up in the air, especially in flight

  2. attain
    • (v) 1. to reach; to arrive at
    • 2. to achieve

  3. buffet
    • (n) 1. a piece of furniture with drawers and shelves for the display of plates, dishes, and bowls
    • 2. a meal laid out for guest to help themselves

    • (v) to pound repeatedly; to batter

  4. elude
    (v) to escape by being quick or clever

    • (adj) 1. hard to find or capture
    • 2. hard to explain or make clear

  5. flammable
    (adj) able to catch fire

  6. hover
    (v) to remain in place over an object or location

  7. inflate
    (v) to fill with air or other gas

  8. jeopardy
    (n) danger

    (v) to put in danger of loss or injury

  9. moor
    • moor – (v) to hold in place with ropes  or anchors 
    • moor – (n) a place to which a boat or aircraft can be moored

  10. plummet 
    plummet - (v) to fall suddenly toward the earth or to a lower level; to plunge 

  11. pollute
    • pollute - (v) to make impure or dirty 
    • pollute - (n) the action of polluting; the state of being polluted

  12. propel
    propel - (v) to push or drive forward

  13. stationary
    stationary - (adj) 1. not moving  2. not changing

  14. superb
    superb - (adj) of the highest quality; grand; splendid

  15. swivel
    • swivel - (n) a fastening that allows any part joined to it to swing freely 
    • swivel - (v) to turn freely aroun a fixed point

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Lesson 4 Vocabulary
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Lesson 4 Vocabulary
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