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    • Title: Kunz Axe
    • Period: Middle Formative
    • Date: 900-300 BC
    • Civilization: Olmec
    • Material: Jade
    • 1. Almond shaped eyes and mouth like a jaguar lead us to believe that it reps a chief or shaman who transformed himself into a jaguar
    • 2. Jade is an exceptionally hard material so it took great skill to carve this with the early stone tools
    • 3. Most likely a ceremonial object like a celt
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    • Title: Figures at El Manati
    • Period: Early Formative
    • Date: 1040 BCE
    • Civilization: Olmec
    • Material: Wood
    • 1. It is very rare in terms of finding it in archelogical record so well-preserved
    • 2. Evidence of pigmentation which means they were probably painted or ritualistic, likely with hematite which symbolizes blood
    • 3. They were ritually buried and wrapped in mats made from vegetable fibers
    • 4. Believed to depict actual people because of their individual expressions
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    • Title: Olmec or Colossal Head #1 (el rey) San Lorenzo
    • Period: Early Formative
    • Date: 1200-900 BCE
    • Civilization: Olmec
    • Medium: Basalt
    • 1. It is 2.9 m high & 2.1 m wide
    • 2. It is associated with rulership and heritage
    • 3. Found in San Lorenzo which is significant b/c the quarry these massive stones came from was miles away so it was transported a long way
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    • Title: Hero Twins
    • Period: Early Formative
    • Date: 1100-800 BCE
    • Civilization: Olmec
    • Medium: Stone
    • 1. Slope in the back leads us to believe they might have had a purpose being carved that way
    • 2. Found in situ (on-site, original place) and sculpted in the round (freestanding)
    • 3.  They are forerunners of the Maya Hero Twins
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    • Title: Offering 4 at La Venta
    • Period: Middle Formative
    • Date: 900-400 BCE
    • Civilization: Olmec
    • Medium: Basalt & serpentine
    • 1. Ritually buried in a deep hole and then re-entered via an elliptical pit for inspection
    • 2. Contains 6 celts and 15 jade & serpentine figures
    • 3. Particular formation they were placed in leads us to believe it represented a council or ceremony
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    • Title: Lord (Stela 1 at La Mojarra)
    • Period: Late Formative
    • Date: 2nd century AD
    • Civilization: epi-Olmec
    • Medium: limestone
    • 1. Contains a whole bunch of glyphs, which is one of Mesoamericas earliest known written records
    • 2. Wears the headdress of the Principle Bird Diety
    • 3. Shown in composite view (frontal torso, profile head)
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