Vocab (Words Derived from Latin)

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  1. gratify
    give or be a source of pleasure or satisfaction
  2. gratis
    without charge or payment; free
  3. gratuitous
    • (1) given freely
    • (2) unwarranted, as a gratuitous remark
  4. ingrate
    ungrateful person
  5. ingratiate
    establish (oneself) in the favor or good graces of another
  6. moribund
    dying; near death
  7. mortician
  8. mortuary
    funeral home
  9. rigor mortis
    stiffness in the body that sets in several hours after death
  10. corporal
    bodily, as in corporal punishment
  11. corpulent
    bulky; obese; very fat
  12. corpus
    general collection or body of writings, laws, etc.
  13. corpuscle
    • (1) blood cell (literally, "little body")
    • (2) minute particle
  14. corpus delicti
    • (1) facts proving that a crime has been committed
    • (2) body of the victim in a murder case
  15. espirit de corps
    spirit of a body or persons; group spirit
  16. habeas corpus
    • (1) order requiring a detained perosn to be brought before a court to investigate the legality of that person's detention (the order begins with the words habeas corpus, meaning "you should have the body")
    • (2) right of a citizen to secire court protection against illegal inprisonment
  17. aqueduct
    artificial channel for conducting water over a distance
  18. conducive
    tending to lead to; contributive; helpful
  19. deduction
    • (1) taking away; subtraction
    • (2) reasoning from the general to the particular
  20. duct
    tube or channel for conducting a liquid, air, etc.
  21. ductile
    • (1) able to be drawn out or hammered thin (said of metal)
    • (2) easily led; docile
  22. induction
    (2) reasoning from particular to general
  23. traduce
    (literally, "lead along" as a spectacle to bring into disgrace); malign; slander; vilify; calumniate
  24. viaduct
    bridge for conducting a road or railroad over a valley, river, etc.
  25. inconsequential
    of no consequence; trivial; unimportant
  26. non sequitur
    statement that does not follow from previous statements
  27. persecute
    oppress; harass; annoy
  28. concur
    • (1) agree; be of the smae opinion (literally, "run together")
    • (2) happen together; coincide
  29. concurrent
    running togther; occurring at the same time; simultaneous
  30. cursive
    running or flowing (said of handwriting in which the letters are joined)
  31. cursory
    running over hastily; superficially done, as a cursory glance
  32. discursive
    wandering ("running") from one topic to another; rambling; digressive
  33. excursion
    going ("running") out or forth; expedition
  34. incur
    • (1) meet with ("run into") something undesirable
    • (2) bring upon oneself
  35. incursion
    • (1) rushing into
    • (2) hostile invasion; raid
  36. precursor
    forerunner; predecessor
  37. egress
    means of going out; exit
  38. retrograde
    • (1) going backward
    • (2) becoming worse
  39. retrogression
    act of going from a better to a worse state; deterioration
  40. transgress
    step beyond the limits or barriers; go beyond; break a law; violate
  41. expedite
    • (1) facilitate (literally, "extricate someone caught by the foot")
    • (2) accelerate or speed up
  42. impediment
    • (1) hindance; obstacle (literally, "something entangling the feet")
    • (2) defect
  43. centiped
  44. millipede
  45. pedestrian
    • (1) person traveling on foot
    • (2) commonplace, as a pedestrian performance; unimaginitive; dull
  46. velocipede
    • (1) child's tricycle (literally, "swift foot")
    • (2) early form of bicycle
  47. contiguous
    touching; in physical contact; adjoining
  48. contingent
    • (1) dependent on something else (literally, "touching together")
    • (2) accidental
  49. intangible
    • (1) not capable of being perceived by the sense of touch
    • (2) hard to grasp or define exactly
  50. tact
    sensitive mental perception of what is appropriate on a given occasion (literally, "sense of touch")
  51. tactful
    having or showing tact; diplomatic
  52. tactile
    • (1) pertaining to the sens of touch
    • (2) tangible
  53. tangent
    • (1) touching only at one point
    • (2) line or surface meeting a curved line or surface at one point, but not intersecting it
  54. tangential
    merely touching; slightly connected; disgressive
  55. prehensile
    adapted for seizing, as a prehensile tail
  56. reprehend
    find fault with (literally, "hold back"); rebuke; reprimand; censure
  57. reprehensible
    deserving of censure; culpable
  58. abject
    sunk or cast down to a low condition; downtrodden; deserving contempt; wretched
  59. conjecture
    guess, supposition; interference
  60. dejected
    downcast ("thrown down"); discoruraged; depressed
  61. advert
    turn attention; refer (as adverting to a previous topic)
  62. avert
    prevent ("turn away"); avoid
  63. incontrovertible
    not able to be "turned opposite" or disputed; not open to question
  64. obverse
    side turned toward the observer; therefore, the front of a coin, medal, etc.
  65. perverse
    turned away from what is right or good; corrupt; wrongheaded
  66. pervert
    turn away from right or truth; give a wrong meaning to
  67. demise
    death (literally, "sending or putting down")
  68. emissary
    person sent out on a mission
  69. emit
    send out; give off
  70. intermittent
    coming and going at intervals, as an intermittent fever (literally, "sending between")
  71. missive
    written message sent; letter
  72. remiss
    negligent (literally, "sent back"); careless; lax
  73. remit
    • (1) send money due
    • (2) forgive, as to have one's sins remitted
  74. circumlocution
    roundabout way of speaking
  75. colloquial
    conversational; informal (as colloquial speech or writing)
  76. colloquy
    talking together; conference; conversation
  77. elocution
    art of speaking out or reading effectively in public
  78. eloquent
    speaking with force and fluency; movingly expressive
  79. grandiloquent
    using lofty or pompous words; bombastic
  80. interlocutor
    • (1) questioner
    • (2) one who participates in a conversation
  81. loquacious
    talkative; garrulous
  82. obloquy
    • (1) speaking against; censure; reproach
    • (2) bad repute
  83. auriferous
    bearing or yielding gold
  84. coniferous
    bearing cones, as the pine tree
  85. pestiferous
    • (1) infected with or bearing disease; pestilential
    • (2) evil
  86. proliferous
    producing new growth rapidly and extensively
  87. somniferous
    bearing of inducing sleep
  88. vociferous
    producing a loud outcry; clamorous; noisy
  89. MOR (MORT)
  90. TACT (TANG)
  91. LOCUT (LOQU)
    speak; talk
  92. GRAT
    pleasant; thank; favor
  93. SECUT (SECU)
  94. CORP
  95. CUR (CURR, CURS)
  96. PED
    seize; grasp
  98. JECT
    throw; cast
  99. VERT (VERS)
  100. FER(ous)
    bearing; producing; yielding
  101. GRESS (GRAD)
    step; walk; go
  102. MIS (MISS, MIT, MITT)
  103. DUC (DUCT)
    lead; conduct; draw
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