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  1. Ping
    ICMP Echo Request (Host)
  2. ICMP Echo Reply (Server)
  3. "Ping ""."" means?"
    no response
  4. "Ping ""!"" means"
    response recieved
  5. Extended ping allows you to change?
    source MAC (simulate other host)
  6. DHCP Process
    • Discover(Host-Broadcast)
    • Offer(Server-Broadcast)
    • Request(Host)
    • Ack(Server)
  7. TCP/IP
    Trasmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol
  8. TCP Handshake
    • Syn(Host) seq=200
    • Syn Ack(Server) seq=201 ack=1406
    • Ack(Host) seq=201 ack=1407
  9. ARP
    Address Resolution Protocol (only initiated by other request)
  10. What is ARP used to find?
    a MAC Address for the given IP Address
  11. ARP finds MAC addreses on the same?
  12. Switches learn MAC Addresses from?
    incoming frames (source learning)
  13. ARP Process
    (Host)ARP Request (Server)ARP Reply (Switch)Entry added to table
  14. OSI Model
    Open System Interconnection
  15. Layer 7 Application
    communications between software and application
  16. Layer 6 Presentation
    data format (ASCII) and encryption
  17. Layer 5 Session
    How to start; control and end conversations
  18. Layer 4 Transport
    TCP/UDP error recovery and flow control (Segment)
  19. Layer 3 IP
    logical addressing; routing and path determination (Packet)
  20. Layer 2 Data Link
    send and recieve data; trailer FCS (Frame)
  21. Layer 1 Physical
    pins; connectors and cabling (Ones and Zeros)
  22. TCP/IP model
    Application=A-P-S T=T Internet=N
  23. Network Access=DL-P
  24. Ethernet IEEE Layer 1 Std
    802.3 10Mbs (MAC) Media Access Control
  25. Ethernet IEEE Layer 2 Std
    802.2 (LLC) Logical Link Control
  26. RJ-45
    Registered Jack 45
  27. GBIC
    Gigabit Interface Converters
  28. SFP
    Small-Form Pluggables
  29. UTP
    Unshielded Twisted Pair
  30. What type of switching is Frame Relay?
    packet switching
  31. What are frame relay coonections called?
    access links
  32. What FR hdrs and trlrs defined by?
    LAPF ( Link Access Procedure Frame)
  33. DLCI
    Data Link Connection Identifier
  34. PVC
    Permanent Virtual Circuit
  35. DCE
    Data Communicating Equipment - Frame Relay Switch
  36. DTE
    Data Terminating Equipment - Router
  37. CIR
    Committed Information Rate
  38. What remains unchanged in the Encapsulation?
    Source and Destination IP
  39. 20
    FTP Data (TCP)
  40. 21
    FTP Control (TCP)
  41. 22
    SSH (TCP)
  42. 23
    Telnet (TCP)
  43. 25
    SMTP (TCP) - Outgoing Mail from Host
  44. 53
    DNS (TCP/UDP) - User Datagram Protocol
  45. 67(S)-68(H)
    DHCP (UDP)
  46. 69
    TFTP (UDP)
  47. 80
    HTTP (TCP)
  48. 110
    POP3 (TCP) - Post Office Protocol - Incmoing Mail from Server
  49. 161
    SNMP (UDP)
  50. Bandwith
    size of pipe
  51. Delay
    how long it takes a packet to arrive at its destination
  52. Jitter
    variation in delay
  53. Loss
    loss of a packet
  54. DoS
    Denial of Service - flood network with packets
  55. Reconnaissance
    discovering network topography
  56. Access
    stealing data for financial advantage
  57. 3 Enterprise Network Issues
    1) Wireless LAN
  58. 2) Infected mobile laptops
  59. 3) Disgruntled Employees
  60. Scanner
    identifies which hosts are running what services
  61. Spyware
    looks for private or sensitive information
  62. Worm
    self-propogating program that replicate itself
  63. Keystroke logger
    logs usernames and passwords
  64. Phishing
    an email that sends you to fake website to record info
  65. Malware
    viruses that include spyware
  66. Maximum Ethernet Cable Length
    100 Meters (328 feet)
  67. Collossion domains are seperated by?
    switch;bridge or router
  68. Broadcast domains are seperated by?
  69. STP
    Spanning Tree Protocol prevents loops on multiple switches
  70. LAN Swtch Desc
    • Forward- Known
    • MAC Filter-MAC if dest matches src
    • Flood-MAC if unknown
  71. LIGHTS SYS - amber
    POST (Power On Self Test)
    Redudant Power Supply
  73. Port Toggle Mode STAT off
    link down
  74. Port Toggle Mode STAT on
    link up no trfc
  75. Port Toggle Mode STAT flashing
    up w/trfc
  76. Port Toggle Mode STAT amber
  77. Port Toggle Mode DUPLEX on
    full duplex
  78. Port Toggle Mode DUPLEX off
    half duplex
  79. Port Toggle Mode SPEED off
    10 Mbs
  80. Port Toggle Mode SPEED on
  81. Port Toggle Mode SPEED flashing
  82. RAM
    Working Memory and Running Configuration
  83. NVRAM
    Startup Configuration
  84. Flash
    Cisco IOS software
  85. ROM
    Bootstrap Program
  86. enable
    enter executive mode
  87. configure terminal
    enter configuration mode
  88. line vty
    configure virtual port for telnet or ssh
  89. interface
    command to configure an interface
  90. interface range
    configure a range of interfaces
  91. hostname
    set device name
  92. setup
    enter initial configuration mode
  93. motd
    message of the day ( begin w/ # end w/ #)
  94. How to do you create a local backup?
    copy running-config startup-config
  95. interfaces status
    shows ports statuses (switch only)
  96. How many MACs can be assigned to the same port?
  97. What MAC is stored for IPs outside the network?
    The default gateway
  98. login local
    this is for ssh and defines the use of local usernames
  99. transport input telnet ssh
    (default is telnet and can be removed)
  100. What is minimum config for ssh?
    one username and password configured
  101. service password-encryption
    encrypts all existing and future passwords
  102. enable secret
    creates a password stored in MD5 hash (more secure)
  103. Why program a default gateway on a switch?
    overhead management traffic
  104. interface vlan 1
    cofigure vlan
  105. ip address or dhcp
    cofigure ip add for port
  106. no shutdown
    turn port up
  107. (Switch) ip default-gateway
    only used for overhead management traffic
  108. interface range FastEthernet 0/11 - 20
    configure multiple ports
  109. switchport access vlan #
    set vlan number
  110. duplex full
    set port to transmit and recieve at the same time
  111. speed 100
    sets port speed to 100Mbs
  112. description
    set name on port
  113. switchport mode access (optional)
    sets a port for host use only
  114. switch port-security violation actions
    • protect
    • restrict
    • shutdown
  115. switch port-security mac-address
    to assign MAC
  116. switch port-security mac-adddress sticky
    to learn first incoming MAC and assign to port
  117. Wireless LAN IEEE
  118. 802.11a/g
    54MBs OFDM (a 5ghz
  119. 802.11b
    DSSS 2.4ghz
  120. AP
    Access Point SSID
  121. Service Set Identifier CSMA/CA
    Carrier Sense Multiple Access/Collision
  122. Avoidance Intrusion Tools IDS
    Intrusion Detection Systems
  123. Avoidance Intrusion Tools IPS
    Intrusion Prevention Systems
  124. Avoidance Intrusion Tools SWAN
    Structured Wireless-Aware Network
  125. Cisco ASA
    Adaptive Security Appliance (firewall and other tools)
  126. WEP
    Wired Equivalent Privacy - easily cracked
  127. WPA
    WI-FI protected access
  128. (WPA 2) TKIP
    Temporal Key Integrity
  129. (WPA 2) MIC
    Message Integrit Check
  130. WPA2
    includes AES Advanced Encryption Standard (802.11i)
  131. ASN
    Autonomous System Number - controlled by one orginization
  132. Why are ASNs assigned
    to prevent packets looping around global Internet
  133. Who assigns ASNs?
    ICANN - Internet Corporation for Assigned System Numbers
  134. What are the Distance Vector Routing Protocols? RIP
    RIP2 and IGRP (RIP measures hop count)
  135. What are the Link-state Routing Protocols
    OSPF and Integrated ISIS
  136. What is the Balanced Hybrid Routing Protocol
  137. NAT
    network address translation
  138. PAT
    port address translation (tcp/udp)
  139. Static Route (manual entry)
    Used to identify networks that are not directly connected to a router.
  140. What command identifies if a serial link is DCE or DTE?
    show controllers serial
  141. show ip route
    show all routes in a router
  142. show ip route
    shows the interface used to route to a specific IP
  143. traceroute
    shows the recieving routers interface
  144. Ctrl-shift-F6
    to suspend telnet
  145. resume #
    to resume telnet (if session # is not identifed
  146. What is placed in routing table if the interface is up/up
    A Connected Route
  147. How to configure RIP
    router rip
  148. version 2
  149. Network
  150. *Classful mask C
  151. **R in routing table
  152. passive-interface fa0/1
    removes RIP from an interface
  153. Set Default Gateway
    Default gateway
  155. (S* in table)
  156. Gateway of last resort
    default gateway
  157. show cdp neighbors
    show local and remote interface and model # (platform)
  158. show cdp neighbors detail
    shows distant ends ip address
  159. NAT
    Network Address Translation (changes network portion of ip)
  160. PAT
    Port Address Translation (changes network ip and port #)
  161. What does NAT and PAT change
    source field information
  162. What is address translation is more commonly performed?
    PAT although it is refered to as NAT
  163. SDM
    Cisco Router and Security Device Manager (program DHCP and PAT)
  164. Inside local
    LAN Address before NAT or PAT
  165. Inside Global
    default gateway global Internet Address after NAT or PAT
  166. Cicuit Switching
    point to point (layer 1)
  167. Packet Switching
    multipoint (layer 2 - ATM and Frame Relay)
  168. ATM
    "sends ""cells"" at 53 bytes fixed length"
  169. SAR
    Segment and Reassembly of ATM Cells
  170. VPI
    Virtual Path Identifier
  171. VCI
    Virtual Channel Identifier
  172. Frame Relay
    "sends ""frames"" that are variable in length"
  173. SOHO
    Small Office Home Office
  174. ADMIN DISTANCES Connected
  180. ADMIN DISTANCES RIP (V1 and V2)
  181. ADMIN DISTANCES Unknown or Unbelievable
  182. Line Protocol Status Admin down; down
    interface has shutdown configured on it
  183. Line Protocol Status Down; down
    physical layer issue
  184. Line Protocol Status Up; down
    layer 2 issue ( ppp on one side hdlc on the other)
  185. Line Protocol Status Up; up
    all is well the interface is functioning
  186. How do routers learn routes?
    They learn their connected routes and advertise them
  187. What is common reason for routes not being advertised?
    The subnets are incorrect
  188. When a host is connected to multiple routers which one does it choose?
    The hosts default gateway
  189. What is the purpose of Route Summarization?
    to reduce the size of routing tables
  190. Auto Summarization
    summarizes networks with classful network mask
  191. Manual Summarization
    allows engineer has control network summaries (flexibile)
  192. Covergence
    process that occurs when a routing protocol identifies change
  193. Ethernet Cables Hubs and Switches transmit on?
    pin 3 and pin 6
  194. Ethernet Cables all except Hubs and Switches transmit on?
    pin 1 and pin 2 Routers;PCs;Wireless Access Points and Network Printers
  195. Ethernet Cables Straight through
    pins same on both ends
  196. Ethernet Cables Crossover
    1 and 2 connected to 3 and 6 on the other end
  197. Ethernet Cables Rollover
    pins are totally opposite so that 1 connects to 8 (for console)
  198. Login Console
    SSH and Telnet take you to user EXEC mode
  199. Enter the enable command to?
    enter privileged (enable) mode
  200. Enter the Disable command to?
    to exit privileged mode
  201. IGMP
    Internet Group Management Protocol
  202. ARPA
    Advanced Research Project Agencies (IP with Ethernet II)
  203. Class A
  204. private
  205. 10 to but not including 11
  206. *One Class A network
  207. Class B
  208. private
  209. 172.16 to but not including 172.32
  210. *16 Class B networks
  211. Class C
  212. private
  213. 192.168 to but not icluding 192.169
  214. *256 Class C networks
  215. Reserved IP Addresses
    0; 127 and above 224(to 255) reserved
  216. Where is the list of know MAC addresses located on a device?
    The ARP cache
  217. How do you identify the IOS version and configure register setting?
    Show version
  218. What is the config-register setting�USE the startup-config configuration (normal setting)?
  219. What is the the config-register setting to IGNORE the startup-config?
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