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  1. to talk to someone in a way that shows them that you are sexually attracted to them
    to chat sb up
  2. small ads (in newspapers, magazines or on the internet) which give a short description of a person you would like to date.
    lonely hearts
  3. having suddenly started to like or love something or someone very much
    to be smitten with somebody

    The story's about a man smitten with love for his wife's cousin.
  4. they are having an argument
    they are having a domestic (informal)
  5. they have very serious, often noisy arguments
    they have blazing rows
  6. to break up
    to split up
  7. the way to give a formal advice
    You ought to contact the police
  8. to make or become aware, informed, or sophisticated.
    wise up (informal)

    Those who think this is a harmless recreational drug should wise up.

    It's about time employers wised up to the fact that staff who are happy work more efficiently.
  9. to return sth
    to give something to someone in a position of authority
    to hand sth in

    Have you handed in your history essay yet?

    I've decided to hand in my resignation (= tell my employer I am leaving my job).
  10. to distract someone
    delay; postpone
    to put someone off

    You're putting me off.

    Put off paying the bills.
  11. to endure without complaint
    to tolerate
    to put up with sth

    We had to put up with the inconvenience.
  12. to stay away
    to keep off

    Keep off the grass!
  13. If you have another verb after a phrasal verb, you always use the gerund form (-ing)
    I'm looking forward to meeting you
  14. a tool used to turn nuts
    a spanner
  15. when small drops of water fall regularly, from a tap or a leaking roof
    to drip

    Water is dripping from that leaky faucet.
  16. A device for regulating the flow of a liquid from a reservoir
    faucet /ˈfɔː.sɪt/
  17. to do something without delay
    to continue doing something, especially work:
    to get on with something
  18. extremely dry
    as dry as a bone

    the soil is as dry as a bone
  19. to be very stubborn
    to be as stubborn as a mule /mjuːl/
  20. to be very healthy or in very good condition
    as sound as bell 

    as good as new
  21. to get very wet, often in heavy rain
    to get soaked
  22. as thick as two short planks
    not clever

    He's a very skilled footballer but he's as thick as two short planks
  23. an opportunity to see something before it is officially available
    • a sneak peek
    • to sneak a peek

    The company is offering a sneak peek at the new software
  24.  to accept an opportunity eagerly
    to jump/leap at the chance

    Frank leapt at the opportunity to become a commercial artist
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