Chronological Chart

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  1. 3000-2000
    Early Bronze Age Canaan; development of city-states 
  2. 3200 
    "Dawn of History" first evidence of writing and organized city life in Mesopotamia and Egypt 
  3. 1250
    Yahwist alternative 
  4. 1500-1200
    Late Bronze Age Canaan 
  5. 1400-1300
    "Amarna Age" in Egypt 
  6. 1290-1224
    Pharaoh Ramses II rules Egypt 
  7. 1220 
    Memorial Stone of Pharaoh Memeptah: first mention of an "Israel" in Canaan 
  8. 1200-1020
    Tribal Confederation: Period of the Judges 
  9. 1000-962
    Kingship of David 
  10. 962-922
    Kingship of Solomon 
  11. 960-930
    The Yahwist source composed in the southern kingdom of Judah
  12. 922-722
    Divided monarchy 
  13. 900-850
    • Elohist source 
    • composed in the northern kingdom of Israel 
  14. 722
    Assyrians destroy Samaria, capital of Northern Kingdom(Israel) 
  15. 587 
    Babylonians destroy Jerusalem, capital of Southern Kingdom (judah) 
  16. 605-539
    Neo-Babylonian Empire 
  17. 587-539 
    Babylonian Exile 
  18. 539
    Cyrus of Persia conquers Babylon 
  19. 539-326
    Persian Empire 
  20. 515
    Dedication of teh rebuilt Temple in Jerusalem 
  21. 334-326
    Alexander the Great conquers Persian Empire 
  22. 300-63
    Hellenistic Period 
  23. 63
    Roman army under Pompey takes Jerusalem 
  24. Northern Tribes 
    • Northern Kingdom "Israel"
    • highlands of samaria 
    • patriarch JAcob(Israel), his 12 sons, and the Twelve Tribes 
  25. Southern tribes 
    • Southern Kingdom "Judah"
    • highlands of judah
    • abraham and Isaac 
  26. Elohist E source

    North tribe
    • elohim is the name for God 
    • written 900-850 BCE in the northern kingdom of Israel after split of United Monarchy into two kingdoms 
    • focus on "fear of god" and the "covenantal community "
    • shared prophetic concerns of early northern prophets
  27. Deuteronomist D source 
    • after destruction of Northern kingdom by Assyrians(722BCE) northern legislative material migrates south and is written down 
    • a priest in the court of King Josiah in Judah discovers book in 622 BCE 
  28. Yahwist or J source
    • Yahweh is the name for God 
    • written in 960-930 BCE in the southern kingdom of Judah 
    • author may have been a scrive in King solomon's court 
    • national epic for the newly created united monarchy
  29. Priestly or Psource 
    • written in 550-450 BCE by Aaronid priests in exile in Babylon, or early post-Exilic period. 
    • legal and ritual traditions perserved in the South 
    • focus on family and the temple practices the priesthood, and sacrifical rituals 
    • exodus and leviticus 
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