oxygen and respiratory

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  1. AMBU Bag
    Bag that affords high oxygen concentrations and effective and sanitary resuscitaion. Also called manual breathing bag.
  2. hyperbaric
    high pressure; as in hyperbaric oxygenation (HBO)
  3. manual breathing bag
    also called AMBU Bag. bag that affords high oxygen concentrations and effective and sanitary resusitation
  4. nasal cannula
    a device used to administer small to moderate increases in oxygen concentration
  5. pulse oximeter
    a convenient monitor that measures the amount (percentage) of oxygen saturation in the blood
  6. respirator
    a machine that forces air into the lungs; also called a ventilator
  7. simple mask
    a transparent green mask with a simple nipple adapter that fits over a client's nose, mouth, and chin, which provides low-flow oxygen
  8. tracheostomy
    incision into the trachea
  9. ventilator failure
    state of being unable to breathe adequately alone
  10. Venturi mask
    mask with a hard plastic adapter, with large "windows" on the sides; this device provides the most reliable and consistent oxygen enrichment
  11. hypoxemia
    interference with blood oxygenation

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