Dental 101 Chapter 15

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  1. addiction
    physical or psychological dependency
  2. withdrawl
    when a person stops taking meds that he's addicted to
  3. psychologically dependent
    feeling and emotional need for taking a drug even if it's not medically necessary
  4. habit forming
    leading to phsychological or physical drug dependency
  5. prescription 
    an authorization written by a doctor or dentist that makes drugs abailable to patients
  6. brand name
    drug names assigned by a manufacturer that are trademarked
  7. generic name
    grug names unprotexted by trademark. usually les expensive that brandnames
  8. DEA
    Drug Enforcement Agency number: member of agency that regulates controlled substances
  9. entric-coated
    coating found on some medications that resiste breakdown by gastric juices and disolves in intestines
  10. PDR
    Physican's Desk Reference: list of drugs
  11. RDA
    Food and Drug Administration: fedral regulation agency
  12. drug schedule
    classification of drugs based on potential abuse
  13. Schedule I
    • high potential: no medical use 
    • ex. heroin
  14. Schedule II
    • high potential: for abuse.
    • high potential for abuse
    • lead to sevear psychological and physical dependency
    • ex. morphine
  15. Schedule III
    • some potential: for abuse
    • may have low to moderate dependency
    • ex. vicodin
  16. schedule IV
    • low potential: for abuse
    • ex. xanax
  17. Schedule V
    • little potential: for abuse
    • tylenol
  18. OTC drugs
    over the counter:  drugs that can be purchased without perscription
  19. oral administration
    taking medication by mouth
  20. topical administration
    administer drugs through skin
  21. Inhalation
    inhaling drugs
  22. sublingual
    placed under tongue
  23. Rectal Administration
    administered through rectum
  24. intravenous
    administering drugs directly into vein
  25. intramuscular
    administering drugs by injecting into muscle tissue
  26. subcutaneous
    beneath the skin
  27. intradermal
    administering drugs by injection under the epidermis
  28. transdermal
    administered through a patch
  29. stimulant
    drug that speeds up body's activities
  30. depressant
    slows body process
  31. tobacco
    nicotine: stimulant
  32. Caffeine
    habit-forming stimulant
  33. alcohal
  34. marijuana
    • depressant & stimulant
    • decreases nausea and treats eye conditions
    • can become psychlogically dependant
  35. Cocain
    • habit-forming
    • makes user feel in control
  36. narcotics
    Catogory: addictive depressants used to releave pain
  37. heroin
    • Class I
    • most addictive
  38. Morphine
    • pain killer
    • leads to adiction
    • develop tolerance
  39. Codeine
    • pain killer for mid-moderate pain
    • physical and psycological dependance.
  40. amphetamines
    • stimulates heart
    • leads to violent behacior and poor judgement
    • physical dependence
  41. Hallucinogens
    case people to see, hear images, and sounds that don't exsist
  42. barbiturates
    • sedative drug that depress brain activity
    • psysiological and physical dependency
    • tolerance
  43. analgesics
    controles pain
  44. tranqilizers
    • sedative effect
    • relieve anxiety, calm and relax.
  45. anibiotics
    given to treat infection
  46. antifungal agents
    used to destroy fungi
  47. anticholinergics
    • treats bradycardia
    • dilates pupil
    • inhibits flow of saliva
  48. atropine sulfate
    depresses the nercous system
  49. herbal medications
    • diatary suppliments
    • using non processed materials
  50. Alternate Medications
    • not prescribed by a doctor
    • dietary supplements
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