Drug Lit

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  1. study design 
    plan for selecting study participants and for obtaining data about them

    orderly approach to research  (a roadmap)

    descriptive and analytic
  2. Descriptive
    • studies that describe something
    • undertaken without a specific hypothesis
    • done on new disease to characterize it
    • hypothesis generating
  3. Analytic
    • situdes to test 1 or more specific hypothesis
    • usually about exposure influences on disease risk 
  4. descriptive studies
    • case report
    • case series
    • descriptive study based on rates
  5. analytical studies
    randomized- clinical trials (gold standard)

    • non randomized:
    • cross-sectional study
    • case control study
    • cohort study 
  6. Observational studies
    aka non randomized studies 
    participants are observed

    one or more groups of pt are observed and characteristics about the pt are observed

    no intervention or manipulation
  7. Experimental studies
    aka randomized studies
    an investogator, some change occurs

    controlled maneuver such as a drug, procedure or treatment 
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