chapter 9 (?'s 11- )

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  1. Compare Byzantine political structure to China
    • -Emperors were classified as dvine
    • -Merchants didn;t gain a lot of power
    • -Aristocrats were oredominated
    • -Women ruled sometimes
    • -Emperor was allowed to make secular laws and appoint bishops
  2. Compare development of civilization in East and West Europe
    • -Both spread North
    • - started with polytheism that started with monotheism
    • -east developed by trade
    • -west developed by conquest
    • -both booked back to Greco-Roman for inspiration
    • -Eastern was more advanced
    • -different styles of christianity¬†
    • -new trading activities brought north
    • -west developed around Roman Empire, East branched away
  3. How did the Russian Orthodox Church develop?
    • -One kievan princes switched to orthodox christianity and it blended
    • -forced to convert
    • -church leaders: imported from Byzantium and helped train illiterate Russians priesthood
  4. What were the factors of the decline of the Byzantine?
    • -mever recovered from battle
    • -turkish invaders
    • -inadequate rulers after Justinian
    • -Italian armies gained control of Constantinople
    • -Crusaders by Venetian merchants weakened imperial structure
  5. How did the Byzantine empire differ from Roman Empire?
    • -different churches
    • -combined church and gov't (byzantine)
    • -byzantine adopted more Hellenistic and spoke more Greek
  6. Justinian's achievements:
    • -helped rebuild Constantinople and made it more classical
    • -unified law (organized and justice system)
    • -military advances
    • -Hagia Sophia
    • -advancements in art and architecture
    • -increased bureaucracy
  7. What led to the split between the Western and Eastern Christianity?
    • -different rituals
    • -priest remained in celibacy or not
    • -excommunicated patriach and follwers => patriarch excommunicated all Roman Catholics
    • -states and religion was combined
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