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  1. H. pylori associated with what?
    peptic ulcer disease
  2. stress, NPO long term, are pathophys conditions leading to what?
  3. breakdown and inflammation of normal gastric mucosal barrier?
  4. symptoms of esophageal cancer?
    • asymptomatic in early stages
    • dysphagia
    • substernal, epigastric, back pain
    • sore throat, hoarseness
    • weight loss
    • esophageal stenosis
  5. complications of esophageal CA?
    • hemorrhage
    • esophageal perf
    • esophageal obstruction
    • metastasis
  6. how to diagnose esophageal CA?
    • endoscopy US
    • biopsy
    • CT/MRI
  7. prognosis for esophageal CA?
    poor due to late dx
  8. collaborative care for esoph CA
    • endoscopic ablation
    • surg interventions
    • palliative care
  9. patient comes back with what after esoph surgeries?
    single lumen NG tube to ICWS
  10. intrinsic factor produced by what?
    • parietal cells of stomach
    • (loss of intrinsic factor leads to anemia)
  11. anemia secondary to loss of intrinsic factor >> manifestation of what?
    chronic gastritis
  12. anorexia, N/V & epigastric tenderness >> manifestations of what?
    acute gastritis
  13. first step of care for acute gastritis?
    NPO, antiemetics, NGT, IVF.  monitor for bleeding.
  14. which is most effective for gastritis:  antacids, H2R blockers, or PPIs?
    PPIs (proton pump inhibitors)
  15. treatment for H. pylori?
    need multiple abx usu for several weeks
  16. erosion of the GI mucosa resulting from digestive action of HCl and pepsin....
    peptic ulcer disease
  17. types of PUD? (four)
    acute, chronic, gastric, duodenal
  18. gastric vs duodenal ulcers?
    • gastric - stomach. high epigastric pain. occurs before eating or 30 min - 1 hr after eating
    • duodenal -  mid-epigastric pain - occurs 2-4 hours AFTER eating (when food is hitting duodenum)
  19. before diagnosing PUD, what should be ruled out?
    CV disease
  20. hematemesis, melena (black stool), perforation, gastric outlet obstruction... complications of what?
  21. eosophageal varices?
    dilated submucosal veins in lower third of esophagus.  makes person subject to bleeding
  22. vagotomy?
    cutting of the vagus nerve.
  23. subtotal gastrectomy
    removing parts of the stomach
  24. pyloroplasty?
    widening of the opening of the stomach so that food may pass into the small intestine.
  25. Billroth I surgery?
    pylorus removed; stomach reanastamosed to the small intestine
  26. Billroth II surgery?
    • stomach is anastomosed to the jejunum in a side-by-side manner
    • common for PUD
  27. achlorhydria?
    deficiency of HCl
  28. symptoms of stomach CA?
    heartburn, epigastric dyscomfort, bloating, poor appetite
  29. Zollinger-Ellison syndrome?
    gastrin secreting tumors
  30. sources of bleeding via esophagus?
    mallory-weiss tear; esophageal varices
  31. sources of bleedings via stomach/duodenum?
    peptic ulcers, medications (NSAIDs, corticosteroids), stress-related mucosal disease
  32. "large bore" IVs what size?
    18 - 20g
  33. 1 unit PRBCs raises what? 
    1 point of Hgb and 3% hematocrit
  34. PPI's end in -
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