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  1. How many Cranial Nerves are there?
    • 12 
    • - 2 pairs from Forebrain
    • - 10 pairs from brainstem
  2. What are Special Somatic Afferent Nerves?
    • Refers to Eyes, Ears and balance
    • CNII Optic
    • CNVIII Vestibulococchlear  
  3. What are the Special Visceral Afferents?
    • Smell and Taste
    • Need to be in fluid
  4. What are the Special Visceral Efferents?
    Branchiomeric Muscle innervation
  5. What are the General Somatic Afferents?
    Skin and Mucous Membrane feeling
  6. What are the General Somatic Efferents?
    Innervation of skeletal muscle from somites
  7. What is CNI?
    • Olfactory Nerve
    • SVA
    • Olfactory Bulb over superior nasal concha, axons passing through cribriform plate
  8. What is CNII?
    • Optic Nerve
    • SSA
    • Senses Light, Cell bodies in Retina
    • Axons pass posteriorly through orbit and form optic chiasma for right and left visual fields
  9. What is CNIII?
    • Occulomotor Nerve
    • Controls Eye movement
    • Carries sensory information of positioning and movement of eyes
    • Joins with Opthalmic division of Trigeminal
  10. What is CNIV?
    • Trochlear Nerve
    • Same as Occulomotor Nerve
    • Controls eyes, basic sensory, connects trigeminal
  11. What is CNV?
    • Trigeminal Nerve
    • Innervates most of face
    • V1 - Opthalmic Nerve General somatic Afferent
    • V2 - Maxillary Nerve General Somatic Afferent (teeth and asociated structures of upper jaw)
    • V3 - Mandibular Nerve (teeth and associated structures lower jaw)
  12. What is CNVI?
    • Abducens Nerve
    • Innervates lateral rectus muscle of eye
    • Proprioception
  13. What is CNVII?
    • Facial Nerve
    • Sensory and Motor
    • Acoustic Meatus
    • Sense of taste Anterior 2/3 Chorda Tympani
  14. What is CNVIII?
    • Vestibulocochlear Nerve
    • Special Sensory Hearing and Balance
    • Cochlear and Vestibular branches
  15. What is CNIX?
    • Glossopharyngeal
    • Sensory and Motor
    • Posterior 2/3 taste/motor
    • Baroreceptors w/Vagus
    • Sensation in Eardrum
  16. What is CNX?
    • Vagus
    • Most extensive
    • Baroreceptors with Glossopharyngeal
    • Head, neck, heart, lungs and abdominal viscera
    • Sensory and Motor
  17. What is CNXI?
    • Accessory Nerve
    • SVE to pharynx, larynx and neck muscles
  18. What is CNXII?
    • Hypoglossal Nerve
    • Somatic Efferent of Tongue
  19. What is the Penumonic for Nerve Names?
    On Old Olympus's Towering Top, A Friendly Viking Grew Vines And Hops
  20. What is the Penumonic for Nerve Functions?
    • Some Say Money Matters, But My Beloved Says Being Beloved Matters More
    • B = Both
    • S = Sensory
    • M = Motor
  21. What are the Extraoccular Muscles of the Eye?
    • MEDIAL
    • Sup. Rectus CNIII
    • Med. Rectus CNIII
    • Inf. Rectus CNIII

    • Inf. Oblique CNIII
    • Lat. Rectus CNVI
    • Sup. Oblique CNIV
  22. What areas does the Motor aspect of CNV control?
    Mastication, belly digastric, tensor veli palatini, tensor tympani
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