Gen Words

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  1. Progeny
    Children born to a person

    You are the progeny of your mother and father.
  2. Indigenous
    Born in, growing naturally in a particular region

    Kudzu is not indigenous to Georgia.
  3. Generous
    Very giving asi if born with plenty of money

    Please be generous and make a donation to the United Way campaign.
  4. Genuine
    Originating from the one true source; real

    The painting was an genuine Rembrandt and worth millions of dollars.
  5. Genesis
    The birth or origin of something

    The genesis for air travel was Kitty Hawke, NC where the Wright brothers first flew.
  6. Genius
    A person born with great intelligence.

    Steve Jobs, the creator of the Apple computer, was a genius.
  7. Generation
    Group of people born around the same time.

    People born in the twenty years following WWII are know as members of the "Baby Boomer generation."
  8. Generic
    Typical of an original but not coming from the one true source.

    To save money in the grocery store, I try to buy generic rather than name brands.
  9. Gender
    The sex a person is born, male or female.

    Frequently job applications will ask your gender - are you male or female?
  10. Genteel
    Elegant, graceful, as typical of one born to the upper class.

    The actress was very genteel, acting in an elegant manner.
  11. gen


    gen - birth

    mal - bad

    foli - leaf
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