Business Comm. Final I

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  1. Define Professionalism
    Characteristics or attributes taht defien people in teh workplace- form of ettiquette
  2. What are the 11 characteristics of a professional?
    • 1. sense of ethics and morals
    • 2. committed and focused
    • 3. empathetic and compassionate
    • 4. critical thinker (problem solver)
    • 5. attends to detai (meticulous worker)
    • 6. exceeds normal expectations
    • 7. life long learner
    • 8. able communicator
    • 9. objective judge of perfornamce and ablility
    • 10. leads by working w/in the system
    • 11. dresses appropriately for the industry
  3. What are the 4 purposes of professionalism?
    • 1. establishes a fair system of behaviors
    • 2. creates consistent interactions with people
    • 3. creates a consistent "look" or "style"
    • 4. establishes personal and corporate credibility
  4. Define success
    staying on course to your greatest dreams, while creating wisdom, happiness, and unconditional self-worth along the way
  5. What are the 5 strategies for success?
    • 1. realize the power of choice- quality of life is determined by quality of choices you make
    • 2. keep a journal to create self-awareness- enables you to make quality chioces
    • 3. relax- improves learning and retention of info
    • 4. objectively assess yourself
    • 5. develop self-acceptance
  6. Define personal responsibility
    responding effectively to all of life's opportunities and challenges

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Business Communications
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