AN SC 260 - Definitions 3

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  1. Bioenergetics
    Energy and its metabolism by animals
  2. Calorie
    Heat req'd to raise temp of 1g of H2O from 16.5 to 17.5 C
  3. Gross Energy
    The total heat of combustion, or energy released from breaking of all organic bonds in a sample
  4. Digestible Energy
    Amount of dietary gross energy not recovered from the feces of an animal and assumed to be digested and absorbed by the animal
  5. Metabolizable Energy
    Amount of dietary gross energy not recovered in feces, urine and gasses excreted by an animal, and assumed to be used in metabolism of an animal
  6. Net Energy
    The amount of energy available for use to the animal after subtracting the heat increment from metabolizable energy. This energy is actually useable by the animal
  7. Heat Increment
    Increase in heat production of an animal associated with digestion, absorption and metabolism of food
  8. Basal Metabolic Rate
    Amount of energy expended by an animal at rest in a thermoneutral environment, in a post-absorptive state, and neither gaining nor losing weight
  9. Fasting Heat Production
    Amount of heat produced by a fasting animal; will be higher than basal metabolic rate b/c of the difficulty in measuring true basal metabolic rate due to animal activity (ruminants and monogastrics) and the heat of fermentation (ruminants)
  10. Thermoneutral Zone
    Environmental temps at which an individual animal does not need to actively regulate (i.e. exend additional energy) its body temp
  11. Compensatory Growth
    Moderate restriction of growth rate for a portion of the growth curve to encourage more efficient growth at a later stage of the growth curve
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