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  1. T or F
    The international Federation of Social Workers' definition of social work is that it is a profesion that provides theraputic services to people who are victims of international injustice.
  2. T or F
    Undocumented aliens may legally work in the US if they have been here long enough to establish residency.
  3. T or F
    The Equal Pay Act requires women be paid the same as men holding the same jobs.
  4. T or F
    Gay and lesbian people are more likely to live in culturally and racially diverse neighborhoods than married, heterosexual couples.
  5. T or F
    The US is one of the most homophobic of all societies.
  6. T or F
    A liberal welfare state is designed to maintain class differences
  7. T or F
    A refugee is someone who flees their country to have better living conditions.
  8. T or F
    Following a divorce a women is likely to experience a decline in her standard of living.
  9. T or F
    "Passing" refers to a gay or lesbian person rejecting other gays and lesbians
  10. T or F
    Acculturation is the process of assimilating and integrating into the dominant culture of the US
  11. Violence against women is most often perpetrated by
    a- strangers
    b- male acquaintances
    c- a relative other than a husband
    d- intimate partners
    d- intimate partners
  12. When working with unaccompanied minors, the best interest principle requires balancing the child's interest in safety and stability with the
    a- demands of the government of the child's home country
    b- family's interest in maintaining the family integrity
    c- expectations of the possible adoption agencies
    d- court's interest in a speedy resolution to the case
    b- family's interest in maintaining the family integrity
  13. People who are openly gay or lesbian are not typically afforded rights to
    a- inheritence from spouse
    b- immigration and naturalization
    c- military service
    d- both a and b
    d- both a and b
  14. The greatest increase in the proportion of immagrants to the already established population in the US is occurring:
    a- on the East Coast
    b- on the West Coast
    c- along the US southern border
    d- along the US northern border
    c- along the US southern border
  15. Using Epsing-Anderson's typology of social welfare systems, which form of welfare best characterizaes the US system?
    a- corporatist welfare state
    b- liberal welfare state
    c- social democratic welfare state
    d- republican welfare state
    b- liberal welfare state
  16. Homophobia is the:
    a- irrational fear and hatred of persons who are homosexual
    b- fear of becoming homosexual
    c- term describing the sexual behavior of gays and lesbians
    d- all of the above
    a- irrational fear and hatred of persons who are homosexual
  17. The main value(s) underpinning the international Code of Ethics is
    a- protecting social worker's autonomy
    b- supporting the right of social workers to refuse services to undersirable clients
    c- enforcing the responsibility of agencies to require clients to use human services
    d- none of the above
    d- none of the above
  18. When unaccompanied minors are forced to assume roles beyond their developmental stage, they often experience a problem labeled
    a- separation anxiety
    b- adultification
    c- co-dependence
    d- generation gap
    b- adultification
  19. The ecosystems model for analysis of psychosocial factors includes which of the following
    a- culture
    b- medical history
    c- political affiliations
    d- none of the above
    a- culture
  20. An asylee is a person who is
    a- seeking entry into the US after experiencing political persecution in another country
    b- committed to a mental hospital and is seeking to have his/her civil rights restored
    c- illegally in the US but is attempting to establish citizenship
    d- a US citizen who is attempting to gain permission to become employed in another country
    a- seeking entry into the US after experiencing political persecution in another country
  21. What are three (3) sets of basic principles that characterize social work practice throughout the world?
    • Human rights and dignity
    • Social justice
    • Professional conduct guided by codes of ethics
  22. Briefly explain the concept of "triple oppression"
    Is when a person experiences classism, racism, and sexism at the same time
  23. What is the difference btween an immigrant and a refugee?
    • Immigrant - person who willingly leaves his/her country of origin.
    • Refugee - person who unwillingly leaves his/her country of origin, due to human rights issues, persecution or political affiliation.
  24. Define "patriarchy"
    Term used when more value is placed on men over women, allowing for discrimination against women.
  25. When applying the ecosystems model to working with vulnerable populations, one has to analyze five (5) areas of psychosocial factors. What are these factors? (you only have to list them)
    • Individual
    • Family
    • Culture
    • Environmental - Structural
    • Historical
  26. What is parentification? Give a reason this is not ideal?
    • Parentification is when a child under the age of 18 assumes roles which a parent or guardian normally assumes. One reason this is not ideal is a child may not understand the seriousness of the situation in which they may find themselves or they may just not understand the legal "jargon" used when discussing the child's case particulars.
    • (stress, high risk of abuse, and high risk of substance abuse)
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