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  1. founder of islam
  2. birth place of islam
    saudi arabia
  3. what does muhammad mean
    seal of prophets
  4. muhammad was also known as..
    • Al - amin
    • the trusted one
    • -because of his efforts to care for the sick and his struggles for the rights of the oppressed
  5. Hijra
    • muhammads narrow escape from Mecca to medina
    • -fled persecution in mecca for his preaching of love for God and one another
  6. Ka'bah
    • the black stone at the center of the city of Mecca
    • -the focal point of muslim devotion and pilgrammage
  7. Creed

    the confession that Muslims pray 5 times a day, that is recited in a babys ear at birth, & pronounced as the last words of dying muslim

    "there is no God but God and Muhammad is the messenger
  8. Creed
    oneness (tawid)
    • Allah is one, to feel allah  brings a peace giving unity to ones life
    • -in the material world things are meant to fit together, to make sense, to follow a universal law
  9. Creed
    the oneness of allah and oneness of humanity
    • the oneness of allah grounds the oneness of humanity
    • -affirms equal value and rights of all
    • Ummah
    • one human community
  10. Code


    meaning of the word "islam"
    • Islam
    • -obedient, loving submission to Allah
    • -place more stress on creeds
    • -emphasis on practicing what one believes

    • Jjhad - Holy war
    • constant effort to submit ones mind and heart, as well as that of society to Allah
  11. Ceremony
    5 pillars of Islam
    • Pillar of:
    • -Confession
    • -Prayer
    • -Alms-giving
    • -Fasting
    • -Pilgrammage
  12. Ceremony

    The pillar of Confession
    • Shahadah
    • -proclaiming aloud in daily prayer that there is only one allah and muhammad is allah's prophet
  13. Ceremony

    The pillar of prayer
    • Salat
    • -turn in direction of meccas and recite long established prayers 5 times a day
  14. Ceremony

    the pillar of Alms-giving
    • Zakat
    • -give 2 and a half percent of their earnings to those in need
  15. Ceremony

    the pillar of fasting
    • Sawn
    • -during month of ramadan(muhammand received 1st revelation)
    • -strict fast from sunrise to sunset
    • -no eating, drinking, smoking or sexual relations
    • -nurture sympathy to those deprived and poor
    • -greater submission to allah
  16. Ceremony

    the pillar of pilgrammage
    • Hajj
    • -make pilgrammage to mecca at least once in lifetime
    • -diverse group of people gather in one spot wearing white garment, performing rituals around the black stone in unison
    • -to form unity of diversity
  17. contribution to global responsiblity
    (lesson they teach)
    • optimisim - realistic optimism
    • hope that all humans will line up in submission to Allah
    • realize unity of diversity

    • allhas message of unity compassion & justice
    • religiion and politics
    • qu'ran meant to change heart and society as well