P220C Nonimmigrant classifications

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  1. What is a principal alien?
    Alien from whom another alien derives a benefit or status from
  2. What is considered a child?
    Unmarried and under 21
  3. What is a dependent?
    • Derives status from prinicpal alien and can't arrive before prinicial alien
    • -Must accompany or follow to join principal alien
  4. Who has the authority to issue nonimmigrant visas?
    State Department
  5. What do examinations determine?
    Identity and citizenship
  6. What do inspections determine?
  7. What is the difference between an immigrant and nonimmigrant?
    • immigrant- remains permanently in US
    • nonimmigrant- enters US temporarily 
  8. What are the 3 categories of passports?
    • diplomatic
    • official
    • regular
  9. How long, in general, mus a passpoort be valid for beyond a nonimmigrant alien's intended stay?
    6 months after length of stay
  10. What is the 6 month club?
    • For countries that have an agreement with US
    • Allows passport validity to extend beyond date specified in passport for departure
    • Not allowed passed expiration date on passport
  11. What are nonimmigrant visas?
    • Issued at US embassies and consulates outside US
    • Indicate reasons for visit
    • Valid for max 10 years
    • Assigned a classification
  12. What is required to apply for a nonimmigrant visa?
    • Form DS-156
    • Application fee
    • Passport or equivalent
    • Photograph
    • Insurance fee
    • Males 16-45 & applicants from state sponsors of terrorism (CISS) must -submit form DS-157 -Appear for personal interview
  13. Which classifications require proof of foreign residence?
    • John
    • Q
    • Public
    • Must
    • Have
    • 2O3
    • Foreign
    • Bases
    • Worldwide
  14. What is form  I-797?
    • Nonimmigrant form
    • Notice of Action
    • Issued by USCIS
    • Initiates an individuals or companys request for a benefit prescribed in the INA
  15. What is form I-94?
    • Arrival/departure record
    • Required by all entering US except:
    • -US citizens
    • -Returning resident aliens
    • -Aliens with immigrant visas
    • -Canadian citizens visiting or in transit
  16. What is form I-94A?
    • Departure form
    • Generated by computer
    • Used at land borders
  17. Who are exempt from inspection?
    • Alien members of US Armed forces traveling under official orders
    • Aliens entering pursuant to International Boundary & Water Commission Treaty
    • Aliens entering from : Guam, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands (already been inspected)
    • NATO members armed services personnel
    • Armed services personnel attached to NATO headquarters in US
    • Canadian born American Indians
    • US Citizens
  18. When are Mexican citizens exempt from passport or visa?
    • passport: bearer of B1/B2 laser visa arriving from Mexico by land or sea
    • Visa: bearer of diplomatic or official passport
    •         mexican national crew member
  19. What is a B1?B2 Laser Visa?
    AKA: DSP-150

    • Mexican citizens may only use it as a sole entry doc when: 
    • Applying for admission as a visitor for business or pleasure
    • Entering from Mexico by land or sea

    With a valid Mexican passport- B1/B2 Laser visa allows admission from anywhere in the world
  20. mexican citizens holding a valid B1/B2 laser vis will not be required issuance of I-94 if what?
    • Seeking admission for business or pleasure, within 25 miles of Mexican border, for less than 30 days
    • Seeking admission through Arizona land POE traveling within 75 miles of border for less than 30 days
  21. Mexican citizens in possession of a valid Mexican passport with nonimmigrant B1, B2, or B1/B2 multiple entry visas will not be required an I-94 of what?
    • Admitted for period not to exceed 72 hours to visit within 25 miles of border
    • Admitted period not to exceed 72 hours to visit within 75 miles of border in Arizona
  22. When are Mexican citizens exempt from nonimmigrant visas?
    • citizen who meets all:
    • possesses an official or diplomatic pp
    • a military or civilian official
    • enters US for 6 months or less
    • not entering to perform an official assignment

    • Applies to spouses &/or 19yrs or younger dependents who:
    • posses official or diplomatic pp
    • in company of official mex. citizen
  23. What are Air WHTI compliant documents?
    • PP
    • NEXUS card (where available)
    • US military ID (with travel orders) - don't need PP
    • Merchant Mariner document (when on official business)
  24. What are land/sea WHTI-compliant documents?
    • PP (US, Canadian, or Bermudian)
    • US PP card
    • enhanced drivers license
    • Trusted travelers card (NEXUS, SENTRI, or FAST)
    • Form I-872 - American Indian card
    • Enhanced tribal card
    • Military ID (members of US armed forces on official orders)
  25. Who may provide documentation other than a PP to enter the US via land or sea POE?
    • individual child and youth (under 16)
    • groups of children and youths
    • "closed loop" cruise passengers
    • international boundary and water commission workers
    • additional traverlers: mexican citizens, canadian border boat landing program members (I-68), US LPR (I-551)
  26. What is an enhanced drivers license and what states use it?
    • Denotes US or Canadian citizenship
    • Provides proof of identity
    • conatins microship technology
    • Is REAL-ID compliant
    • Provides real time verification at primary
    • Are WHTI compliant

    Washing, Vermont, Michigan, New York
  27. What are Trusted Traveler programs?
    • NEXUS
    • SENTRI (mex only)
    • FAST
    • Global Entry
  28. What are dual national procedures?
    • US doesn't recognize dual citizenship
    • Process travelers as foreign nationals if they make such a claim
    • Under no circumstances refuse a US citizen
  29. What do citizens of Canada & Bermuda need to cross the border?
    • Not require NIV at land or sea POE from within Western Hemisphere
    • Require valid PP at air POE from anywhere
    • Just need WHTI compliant doc
  30. What documents do permanent residents of Canada or Bermuda require?
    Valid PP and NIV
  31. What documents do British subjects of certain islands require?
    • (cayman Islands, Turks, Calcos Islands)
    • Valid PP
    • Certificate from clerk of court indicating no criminal record - if not- NIV
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