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  1. Three Kinds of Learning
    • Classical Conditioning
    • Operant Conditioning
    • Cognitive Learning
  2. A neutral stimulus acuiries the ability to produce a response that was originally produced by a different stimulus.
    Classical Conditioning
  3. Consequences that follow some behavior increase or decrease the likelihood of that behavior's occurance in the future.
    Operant Learning
  4. involves mental processes such as attention and memory; may be learned through observation or imitation; and may not involve any external rewards or require the person to perform any observable behaviors.
    Cognitive Learning
  5. stimulus that causes a sensory response
    Neutrual Stimulus (NS)
  6. some stimulus that triggers a physiological reflex, such as eye blink or salivation.
    Uncondition Stimulus (UCS)
  7. Unlearned, innate, involuntary physiolgical reflex that brings out unconditioned stimulus.
    Unconditioned Response (UCR)
  8. formerly neutral stimulus that has acquired the ability to bring out the response that was previously by the unconditioned response.
    Conditioned Stimulus (CS)
  9. Brought out by conditioned stimulus, similar, but not identical to unconditioned response.
    Conditioned Resoponse (CR)
  10. Tendency for a stimulus that is similar to the original conditioned stimulus to elicit a response that is similar to the conditioned response.
  11. Organism learns to make a particular response to some stimuli, but not to others.
  12. The conditioned stimulus tends to no longer elicits the condtioned response when a conditioned stuimulus is repeatedly presented without the unconditioned stimulus.
  13. Tendency for the conditioned response to reapear after being extinguished even though there have been no further conditioning trials.
    Spontaneous Recovery
  14. Associating a particular sensory cue with getting sick and thereafter avoiding that particular sensory cue in the future.
    Taste Aversion
  15. Feeling/emotion when experiencing a stimulus that initially accompanied a pleasant or painful event.
    Conditioned Emotional Response
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