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  1. This system of encarseration was a forerunner of move recent indetriment sartesing?
  2. The reformatory idea in America corrections was significally influenced by?
    Resolution of National Prison Associastion
  3. An unintended consequence of the bail reform act of 1984 is?
    An increase of detention of defendants charged with non-violent crimes
  4. Under federal sentencing guidelines sentences are?
    Subjected to appeal by prosecuter and defendant
  5. This was a supreme court decision that halted all execution in the U.S?
    Furman vs georgia
  6. As far as acting as a general differant research has concluded that?
    There is no way to test its value
  7. When apital punishment does not reduce cost compare to alternative sentence cost may be achieved when?
    Plea bargain occurs
  8. In the Greg vs Georgia the supreme court applied a two prag test of the costitution of the death penalty, which of the following is?
    Sentence related to acceptable ajections
  9. The failure to succed a rehabilitation in the American prison according to
    Tendency to stress control strageties
  10. The landmark superior courtcase Mapp vs rahy affected prohibition by requiring 
    probation to be represented by attoney before being revoked
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