Hormones Part 1

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  1. local hormones are produced where
    local hormones are synthesized in various tissue types
  2. local hormones site of action
    local hormones are released and act locally
  3. local hormones action
    local hormones exert profound changes in the body
  4. systemic hormones are produced where
    systemic hormones are produced by one specific tissue (gland)
  5. systemic hormones site of action
    systemic hormones act through out the body
  6. systemic hormones action
    systemic hormones have a regulatory effect
  7. histamine location
    found in all tissues of the body
  8. histamine causes
    • bronchial constriction
    • stomach acid secretion
    • blood vessel dilation
    • local edema (swelling)
    • pain
    • itching
  9. prostaglandins causes
    • uterine and bronchial contractions and relaxation
    • decreased gastric secretions
    • pain
    • inflammation
  10. Antihistamines (Histamine Antagonists) uses
    • Treatment of allergies, rashes, and hay fever
    • Motion sickness, nausea, and dizziness
    • H2 antagonist is used to treat ulcers and reflux disease
  11. Antihistamines (Histamine Antagonists) side effects
    • Drowsiness
    • CNC depression
    • Anticholinergic effects
  12. why are sedating antihistamines considered a CNS drug?
    They cross the blood brain barrier making them a CNS drug.
  13. do Non-Sedating Antihistamines type 1 cross the blood brain barrier
  14. Antihistamine - Type II, competitive blockers of histamine at the H2 receptors, those in the
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