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  1. Culture: Tehuanos
    • Location: Isthmus of Tehuantepec
    • (Mexico)
  2. Culture: Zapotec of Juchitan
    • Location: within Isthmus of Tehuantepec
    • near Oaxaca
    • (Mexico)
  3. Culture: Inuit
    • Location: Nunavut
    • (Canadian Territory)
  4. Culture: Salasaca
    • Location: Ecuadorian Andes - Ecuador
    • (South America)
  5. Culture: Machiguenga
    • Location: Peruvian tropical forest, Peru
    • (South America)
  6. Culture: Tanna
    • Location: Vanuatu - South Pacific
    • (between Australia and New Zealand)
  7. Culture: Ju/'hoansi
    • Location: Kalahari Desert, Botswana
    • (South Africa)
  8. Culture: Hadza
    • Location: Tanzania
    • (East Africa)
  9. Culture: Palau
    • Location: Island of Palau, Micronesia
    • (Between New Guinea and Asia)
  10. Subsistence
    A pattern by which a culture gets its primary food resources
  11. 4 Basic Subsidence Patterns
    • Hunting and Gathering
    • Pastoralism
    • Horticulture
    • Agriculture
  12. Hunting and Gathering
    • Original subsistence pattern of humans
    • A method of getting your food by hunting wild animals and gathering wild plants
  13. Characteristics of most Hunters and Gatherers
    • Technologically simple material culture
    • Limited amount of material culture
    • Nomadic
    • Live in small social groups - bands
    • Live at low population densities
    • Well nourished
    • Get more food from plants than from animals
    • Women provide most of the food
  14. Validator
    The main/primary food that must be present to make the meal satisfying and complete.
  15. Meal Validator - United States
    • Meat
    • primarily beef, chicken, or pork
  16. Meal Validator - Coastal Ecuador
    • Rice
    • Arroz con pollo - rice with chicken
  17. Meal Validator - Ecuadorian Andes
    • Potato
    • Dry as seco
    • Wet as a soup or locro
  18. Kosher
    • A body of Jewish laws on food prohibitions
    • Rules laid out in the Torah
    • Derived from Hebrew "Kushrut" -fit, proper, correct
  19. Basic Rules of Kosher
    • "Beasts of the Earth" must have cloven hooves and chew its cud
    • "Things of Water" must have fins and scales
    • "Birds" must not be predators or scavengers
    • Rodents, reptiles, and amphibians are prohibited
    • Forbidden to consume blood
    • Prohibited to eat certain nerves and fats
    • Must be properly butchered
    • Meat and dairy can not be eaten together
    • Seperate serving and eating vessels and utensils
  20. Muslim Food Taboos
    • Halah (lawful)
    • Haraam (unlawful)
    • Pork is prohibited
    • Meat not killed by humans is prohibited
    • Animals must be killed by a Muslim, Jew, or Christian
    • Animal must be killed facing Meccah
    • Throat must be slit, proper prayer made to Allah
    • Can not eat predatory animals
    • Can not eat a donkey
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