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  1. SOURCE: What is Coffee.  What is Coffee?  Retrieved October 6th, 2012 from
    VERBATIM:  According to an article from the web page what is coffee, “Everyone recognizes a roasted cup of coffee bean but unless you have lived or traveled in a coffee growing country, you might not recognize an actual coffee tree. Pruned short in cultivation but capable of growing more than 30 feet high, a coffee tree is covered with dark-green waxy leaves grouping opposite each other in pairs”.
  2. SOURCE:  What is Coffee.  What is Coffee?  Retrieved October 6th, 2012 from
    VERBATIM:  Also noted from the website What is Coffee, “These cherries start off as a seed plantedin the ground that grow into the coffee tree’s which are cultivated in over 70countries, primarily in the equatorial Latin America, Southeast Asia, SouthAsia and Africa which is often referred as the “Bean Belt” and Hawaii is theonly state in the U.S. that grows coffee”.
  3. SOURCE: The Oatmeal (2012). 15(ish) Things worth knowing about coffee.  Retrieved October 5th, 2012 from
    VERBATIM:  Although there is not an official pinpoint onwhere coffee started, however an article from the website the oatmeal statedthat “Legend has it Ethiopian shepherdsfirst noticed the effects of caffeine when they saw their goats appearing tobecome frisky and dance after eating coffee berries”
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