Module 4

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  1. Functions of Centrosome?
    Organizes microtubes

    Forms a mitotic spindle

    Forms cilia and flagella
  2. Functions of Cilium?
    Moves fluids along a cell's surface
  3. Functions of Cytosol?
    Transport of dissolved substances

    Provides intracellular environment
  4. Functions of Cytoskeleton?
    Provides intracellular frameworks
  5. Functions of Golgi Complex?
    Modifies chemicals received from the RER

    Forms secretory vesicles

    Forms lysosomes and peroxisomes
  6. Functions of Lysosome?
    Digest substances
  7. Functions of Nucleus?
    Protects gene (DNA)

    Copies information from gene to RNA
  8. Functions of Mitochondrion?
    Generates ATP
  9. Functions of Peroxisome?
    Oxidizes organic substances within a cell.
  10. Functions of Plasma Membrane?
    Used to identify cells

    Provides means for enzymatic reactions

    Regulates transportation of molecules

    Carries impulses for communication

    Forms cell junctions
  11. Functions of Ribosome?
    Synthesizes polypeptides
  12. Functions of Rough ER (Endoplasmic Reticulum)?
    Binds up ribosomes

    Synthesizes phospholipids for membranes
  13. Functions of Secretory Vesicle?
    Discharges proteins via exocytosis
  14. Functions of Smooth ER (Endoplasmic Reticulum)?
    Synthesizes fats and steroids
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