BCA 512 Chapter 3

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  1. Integrative marketing unifies a stations efforts under one single umbrella
  2. Congruent promtion is the most effective
  3. Affiliate-networking relationship-- network supplies the program and the affiliate is the outlet
  4. its is up to the STATION to find effective ways of promoting its non-network programs.
  5. Formalized strategy  = programming + promotion mix
  6. Most revenue: local news, early fringe, prime access, late news, and sports
  7. On-air promos often have more dollar value than all external media.
  8. tie- in packages = shared theme graphis and music
  9. Co-op promotion = network provide affiliates with downloadable prime-time promos.
  10. PROMAX = Promotion and MArketing executives
  11. Four type of PROMAX members
    1. Executives ..increasing audience
    2. Associates/freelancers... creative products
    3. Academics.... current information
    4. Students..Ipod
  12. Co-op print ad = evenings lineup or programming called stacked ad.
  13. Availability = open commercial slot
  14. Hybrid stations/affiliates get fewer promtional spots
  15. Hybrid Stations = partly affiliated, partly independent... promote 18 to 24 hours of daily programming
  16. Hybrids purchase most of the programing form program distributors.
  17. Wild lines = out of context clips
  18. sydicators DONT see audience promtion as effective way to spend their money------ they direct sell their programs to stations
  19. Station scheduled promos .. target a key demographic or psychographic group in advance of a promted program's air-time.
  20. Avails = unsold airtime
  21. Promtion sales department = balance between the need for creating inventory to sell and the need for building an audience to sell.
  22. Combo spots combine more than one program and useful for promoting a programming block to help creat audience flow between programs.
  23. Over -credits tag = vocal promotion  where audio is mixed with last seconds of progams theme music while the credits ar rolling ... squezed smaller to a present video clip
  24. Seven promotion guidlines = 1. Estabnlish promotional priorities 2. Use ytopicals befor generics 3. Target on-air promtion 4. Give news promotion top priority 5. Keep a good rotation 6. Keep informed of nework on-air promtion. 7. Focus on the chronology of the program schedule
  25. Grip- IT!!!! software that converts GRP priority targets into an efficient promo schedule... allows boilerplate promotions - ratio of commercial lengths , days of week program will run etc.
  26. Counterprogram = scheduling and promtiing prome time movies sports and off-network sitcoms
  27. Categories of news promtion Long term -- uses generic spots, short-term topical promtion and 2. Daily topical
  28. Three common objectives of news promotion . 1. Gain ratings supremacy, 2.personality acceptance, and 3. news gathering
  29. HUT - homes using television .. Ratings analysis wil spot which station gets most of the viewers during these increases.
  30. Stealing a rating point amounts to a difference of two points.. one the station gained and one the competitor lost
  31. News directors at network affiliates subscribe to outside research companies for periodic analysis of he news content delivery.
  32. Imprtant agenda tems = how to make the new product more profitable and how to use the stations new personalities for promotion.
  33. Stations hire consultants to conduct on site traing semonars that show service directors how other stations have gained success
  34. Promtional advertisement = ask for sale and give benefit that viewer gets from tuning in
  35. Retentive = retain current viewrs
  36. 1. Leading newscast, highest rating, retentive. 2. Professional newscast practiced by newscast, retentive 3. Folsky anchor, everday people 4. hardware, fancy helicpoters. acqusition 5.live-on-the-scene, acquisitive 6. 7. Feature, acqusitive.. can be maintenane device that multipart mini docs 8. NEW, aquire 9. Best, #1, viewer testimonials 10. community, represents needs and inters  long-term acquistive 11. Constant , retentive 12. Convenient, availibility of syndicated programs
  37. Headlines and teases  refer to an exclusive feature in next newscast. Reporters tell story ... Writed seell story.. GOLDEN rule = sel dont tell
  38. Promo writer = get viewers attention 2. interset viewer in story. 3. Give viewer reasons to care
  39. Viewer benefit should 1. offerr infor that viewers can use to improve lives 2. Offer info viewers will share with coworkers 3. Offer viewr memorable, emotional experience
  40. Cross- plug cost come from newsrite insert the plug somewhere in program.... Stay tuned = bumper
  41. Weather breaks contain name of program , the channel number or call leter , stations URL   mayebe the personality. press bundles = facts about news personalitys and daily news features
  42. Radio advertiseing allows more deatiled promtional content tha transit or billboard messages
  43. Advertising measurement =  cost per thousand people reached ( cost per hundered for smaller market radio) Stacking...
  44. Syndicators= distribjtors of shows.. sweeps... backstory= overall plots
  45. PSA - anouncements which no charge to promte federal activities .. Major elements of on-air promo = PSA and public affairs programming
  46. PSA strategies= Passive, systems present no more than required shar of PSA annoucemnts 2. Active involving staffs and airtime to adave local cause 3, Interventionist requires broadcaster or cable operator identify specific social problems. NOT to tell community what to do .
  47. Television dual product medium-- customers are audiences and advertisers... Get potentiol sonors to buy ..
  48. Payment types . 1Cash, per episode. 2, cash plus barter sydicator want money for each epidsode and want advertising time to sell on national market 3. straight barters station and sydicator split the advertising time  shmoozing meeting stars going on fancy dates
  49. Print advertising = market penetration and word of moth testimonal ... video cuts - when the station by name time show will run guest appeacens prind ad sales....
  50. Promotion staff.. facilitate communication between advertising staff and cliients .. Concetrato on regiol, spot market , local advertising agencies and direct contacts
  51. Tangible = rate cards information sheets ... Intagible bihgoraphical data on personalitys and testimonals.... Shells prerinted sheets that can be filled
  52. make emtiona contac find angle get to know clinets cerat image giong test new ideas
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