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  1. Injuries/Trauma
    Auto accidents, fire, homicide, etc.
  2. Disease
  3. Postmortem tissue changes
    Before embalming (i.e, decomposition, dehydration); During embalming (i.e, swelling of a facial feature); After embalming (i.e., tissue gas causing distention, decomposition)
  4. Pre-embalming treatments
    Removing dirt and external stains from the body; Setting the facial features; Temporarily suturing loose flaps of skin; Shaving (some embalmers prefer to shave after embalming)
  5. During embalming
    Application of pressure to an area to prevent swelling; Bleaching a discolored area (some embalmers prefer to bleach discolorations after embalming)
  6. After embalming
    Excising tumors; Reducing swelling; Tissue building in sunken areas; Drying and suturing incisions; Applying wax; Applying cosmetics; Hairstyling
  7. Abrasion
    Antemortem injury resulting from friction of the skin against a firm object resulting in the removal of the epidermis
  8. Laceration
    A wound or irregular tear of the flesh
  9. Scab
    A crust over a sore or wound
  10. Message cream
    A soft, white, oily preparation resembling cream and used as a protective coating for external tissue; a base for cream cosmetics; and wax softener
  11. Forceps
    A surgical instrument with two opposing blades used to grasp or hold tissue or material
  12. Scalpel
    A surgical knife with a short blade
  13. Epidermis
    The outermost layer of skin
  14. Exposed area
    Any visible surface that is to remain uncovered or unclothed
  15. Pores
    Minute depressions in the surface of the skin; as the opening of the sweat glands
  16. Laceration
    A wound or irregular tear of the flesh
  17. Incision
    A clean cut into tissue or skin
  18. Facial marking
    The "character" lines, wrinkles, grooves, cords, and dimples of the face and neck
  19. Sealer
    A quick-drying liquid that leaves a hard, thin, transparent coat or layer through which moisture can't pass
  20. Incision sealing powder
    A powder that is put in an incision just prior to suturing. When the powder comes in contact with moisture, it forms a soft, solid barrier against leakage
  21. Dehydration
    Partial loss of moisture content
  22. Suture
    The act of sewing; also the completed stitch
  23. Temporary suture
    A suture that will be removed
  24. Basket weave suture
    A network of stitches employed to cross the borders of a cavity or excision, used to anchor fillers and to sustain the tissues in their proper position
  25. Subcutaneous suture
    A suture situated or occurring beneath the surface
  26. Mastic compound
    Putty-like substance; an absorbent sealing adhesive that can be injected under the skin or applied to surface tissues to establish skin contour

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