Muscular System I

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  1. External Intercostals
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    Elevates Ribs; Inspiration
  2. Internal Intercostals
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    Depresses Ribs; Expiration
  3. Diaphragm
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    Inspiration; Depresses floor of thorax
  4. Trapezius
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    Elevates, Depresses, Retracts, Rotates, Fixes Scapula; Extends Neck
  5. Serratus Anterior
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    • Protracts and Rotates Scapula; Elevates Ribs
  6. Pectoralis Minor
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    Depresses Scapular or Elevates Ribs
  7. Latissimus Dorsi
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    Adducts and Medially Rotates Arm; Extends Shoulder
  8. Pectoralis Major
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    Flexes Shoulder; Abducts and Medially Rotates Arm; Extends Shoulder From Flexed Position
  9. Deltoid
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    Flexes and Extends Shoulder; Abducts and Medially and Laterally rotates Arm
  10. Teres Major
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    • Extends amd Medially Rotates Humerus; Swings the Arm
  11. External Obliques
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    • Flexes and Rotates Vertebral Column; Compresses Abdomen; Depresses Thorax
  12. Internal Obliques
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    Flexes and Rotates vertebral column; Compresses Abdomen; Depresses thorax
  13. Transversus Abdominis
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    Compresses Abdomen
  14. Rectus Abdominis
  15. Flexes Vertebral Column; Compresses Abdomen 
    Six Pack
  16. Splenius Capitus
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    Extends, Rotates, and laterally flexes head
  17. Sternocleidomastoid
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    • 1) Laterally flexes head and neck to same side and rotates head and neck
    • 2) Flexes Neck
  18. Frontalis
  19. Moves Scalp aImage Uploadnd Elevates Eyebrows
  20. Orbicularis Oculi
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    • Closes Eyelids
  21. Obicularis Oris
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    Closes Lips
  22. Masseter
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    • Elevates and Protracts Mandible
  23. Buccinator
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    • Retracts angle of mouth; Flattens Cheeks (Whistle)
    • #14 right next to masseter
    • Subscapularis, Infraspinatus, Teres Minor, Supraspinatus
    • (SITS)
  25. Subscpularis 
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    • Medially Rotates Arm; Holds head of humerus in place
  26. Infraspinatus
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    Laterally Rotates Arm; Holds head of humerus in place
  27. Supraspinatus
    Abducts Arm; Holds Head of humerus in place
  28. Teres Minor
    Laterally roates and adducts arm: Holds Head of humerus in place
  29. Biceps Brachii
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    • Flexes shoulder and elbow; supinates forearm and hand
  30. Brachialis
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    • Flexes elbow
    • (little strip right next to Biceps Brachii)
  31. Flexor Digitorum Superficialis
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    • Flexes Fingers
    • (on back hand-supinated)
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