Chemistry Rocks 1st end of term assesment

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  1. What do rocks create when they melt under volcanoes
  2. Where does magma
    in the volcano
  3. Name 7 things that come out of volcano's
    Lava, volcanic bombs, ash, steam, sulfur dioxide, chlorine, carbon dioxide
  4. What is the name of someone who monitors volcanoes
  5. What is difficult about a volcanologists job when it comes to predictions
    they dont know when the volcano will erupt
  6. If a volcano is going to erupt what do the volcanologists do
    tell people to evacuate
  7. What do volcanologists monitor
    the earths movements and different things happening in the volcano
  8. What do volcanologists measure
    how much sulfuric dioxide is coming out of the volcano
  9. What do the satelites detect in the volcano
    tiny movements and the magma moving
  10. Volcanologists look at what to see what might happen next
  11. How many people have been killed from a volcano since 1500
    200 000
  12. What is good about volcanic rock when it turns into soil
    plants can grow
  13. Name one good thing that volcanos can help every house with
    heating homes
  14. Granite is good for what in kitchens
    kitchen surfaces as it doesnt scratch that easily
  15. What is granite made of
    interlocking crystals
  16. Elements and compounds that exist naturally are called what
  17. Granite is a mixture of what
  18. What kind of rock is granite
    igneous rock
  19. How are igneous rocks made
    when magma cools and solidifies
  20. What kind of rock is basalt and where is it found
    Igneous rock and it is found on the seabed 
  21. What does non pourous 
    water cannot get into it
  22. Are igneous rocks strong or weak
    strong and hard
  23. What happens to the crystals when they form and have no gaps
    the crystals interlock
  24. When is basalt rock formed
    when runny lava cools quickly usually under the sea
  25. What happens to the crystals when the atoms arrange themselves
    the crystals grow
  26. How big are basalt crystals
  27. If lava takes a long time to cool what happens to the crystals
    the crystals get much bigger
  28. What do fossils show us
    when they lived and what their envirnments were like
  29. What are the five steps of a fossils process
    • 1 An animal or plant dies and it falls into mud or sand
    • 2 More mud or sand burries the body
    • 3The soft body parts rot away
    • 4 Hard minerals replace the hard parts of the body and the mud or sand becomes rock
    • 5The rock around the fossil wears away and the fossil is exposed
  30. What is sedimentary rock
    It is mud, sand or dead creaures that harden into rocks over millions of years
  31. What are the layers of rock called
  32. What is sedimentary rock made of
  33. There are small spaces between the grain what fills them
    air or water
  34. How long does it take sedimentary rocks to form
    millions of years
  35. What breaks the rock into sediments
    weathering or erosion
  36. Name three ways rocks break up
    • chemical weathering
    • biological weathering
    • freeze thaw weathering
  37. Sediments wash into rivers what is this called
  38. What happens to the sediments of rock as they get washed away
    they bash against each other which makes them smoother
  39. Eventually the rocks stick together what is this called
  40. describe what sandstone is 
    • Very hard rock
    • good building material
    • minerals cement it together
    • Its usualy found under the sea
  41. Describe what claystone and mudstone is
    • Tiny grains held together by pressure
    • Forms under water
    • contains fossils of the sea
    • easy to mold
  42. Describe what Limestone is
    The remains of living things
  43. What happens when limestone gets hot
    it forms a pattern
  44. When limestone gets hot it forms a new rock what is it
  45. What kind of rock is marble
    metamorphic rock
  46. What is a metamorphic rock
    Igneous or sedimentary rocks changed by heat, high pressure or both
  47. How does the rock cycle work
    • Weathering and erosion wear down the mountains and rocks get taken away
    • The rocks turn into sedimentary or igneous rocks
    • The heat from the earth or volcano turns it into metamorphic rock
    • The metamorphic rocks melt into magma
    • The magma rises, cools and solidifies 
    • The process restarts 
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