UK Comparative

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  1. How does Parliamentary sovereignty affect the UK Supreme Court 
    Restricts the Supreme Court from making judicial review 
  2. What type of government structure does Great Britain have?
    A unitary structure of government 
  3. The policy issues of the European Union is a problem to what Party in the UK Parliament?
    Conservative Party 
  4. Why did the the British government choose not to adopt the Euro?
    It challenges its sovereignty 
  5. What political party has been most disadvantaged by the single member plurality system?
    Liberal Democrats 
  6. What is Sinn Fein
    The political arm of the IRA (Irish Replic Army)
  7. Collective responsibility applies to what?
    The cabinet 
  8. Who sits opposite to the majority party?
    The shadow government 
  9. What party is dominated by trade unions?
    The Labour Party 
  10. Define Quangos 
    Semi public agencies that advice government 
  11. How was the Mayor of London added to British Government 
    Throught the Third Way 
  12. What treaty formally brought Britain into the EU?
    The Maastricht Treaty 
  13. After the Labour Party took power, the Bverage Report by Atley implemented what?
    The NHS 
  14. What British Party is to the very far right?
    The British National Party 
  15. Members of the Cabinet must be a part of what?
    The House of Commons 
  16. What is the name of the process in which two parties come together?
    Collective Consensus 
  17. What was Tony Blair's political ideology 
    Neo Liberalism 
  18. What is the biggest social cleveage in Britain?
    Social class
  19. How did the Welch and Irish government get their power?
    Through devolution 
  20. Define Ulster Unionist 
    The Protestant Party in Northern Ireland 
  21. What peers have been reduced in the House of Lords?
    Hereditary peers
  22. What makes common law in Britain 
  23. What is the biggest threat by the EU that challenges British soverienty?
    Human rights
  24. What are the sources of legitamacy for British Government
    • Tradition, the Magna Carta, custom, the English
    • Bill of Rights, common law, and writings of legal scholars like Blackstone
  25. True or False:Candidates for office in Britain usually do not live in the districts they represent
  26. What was the most imporant political challenge to Britain in the 1800's?
    Incorporating the middle and working classes into the electoral system.
  27. After WWII, what led to the creation of a modern welfare state?
    The spirit of collective consensus
  28. Reluctance to embrace the Euro and privatization of state industries was part of the legacy of what Prime Minster?
    Margaret Thatcher
  29. What party favors the adoption of the Euro?
    The Labour Party 
  30. What os an important source of British elities?
  31. What act caused the creation of the British Supreme Court?
    The Constitutional Reform Act of 2005
  32. What is the path one might take to achieve politicalleadership in Britain?
    A long memebership in the House of Commons
  33. What is Whitehall?
    Where the civil service headquarters are
  34. What is Westminster?
    Where parliament meets
  35. Who is the Prime minister played an influential role in
    removing Argentina from the Falkland Islands in 1982?
    Margaret Thatcher
  36. What contributes to the continued dominance of two parties in Great Britain’s House of Commons?
    Single-member electoral districts
  37. What is the primary function of the British House of
    To provide a forum for policy debate
  38. How are civil liberties and human rights protected in Great Britain?
    Public opinion and tradition 
  39. What power does the House of Lords have?
    The power to postpone the enactment of legislation 
  40. What tends to divide parties on British government?
    Social issues and the amount of involvement the government should have in the economy 
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