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  1. Autonomic nervous system
    • controls involuntary actions or involuntary muscles such as smooth and cardiac muscle
    • hypothalamus (center for homeostasis) controls certain activities of the ANS
    • houses both sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems
  2. Hypothalamus controls:
    • arterial blood pressure
    • heart rate
    • respiration
    • sweating
    • gastrointestinal function
    • temperature regulation
  3. Sympathetic nervous system
    • controls activities that increase energy output
    • major neurotransmitter = norephinephrine
  4. Drugs that mimic effects of norephinephrine
    • adrenergic receptor agonists
    • sympathomimetics
  5. Drugs that block the action of norepinephrine
    • adrenergic receptor antagonists
    • sympatholytics
  6. Adrenergic receptors
    • alpha 1, alpha 2
    • beta 1, beta 2
  7. alpha 1 receptor and physiological responses
    increases force of cardiac contraction
  8. alpha 2 receptor and physiological responses
    inhibits norepinephrine release
  9. beta 1 receptor and physiological responses
    increases heart rate and force of contraction
  10. beta 2 receptor and physiological responses
    dilates bronchioles
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