Wordly Wise Lesson 12 book 7

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  1. Aftermath (n)
    A consequence or result, often a negative one
  2. Aphorism (n)
    • A short statement of truth or principle; an adage
    • Ex.
    • The aphorism, "Haste makes waste." is a warning to everyone to slow down.
  3. Catharsis (n)
    • A releasing of emotions, often through the arts, that brings spiritual renewal or relieving of tension
    • Ex.
    • By drawing pictues representing their traumatic experiences, children often experience catharsis.
  4. Cohort (n)
    • 1. A group that is moving or working together
    • Ex.
    • The president was followed by a cohort of media people.
    • 2. One who assists another, espescially in a dubious or criminal activity; an accomplice
  5. Culpable (adj)
    • Deserving blame or censure
    • Ex.
    • Because of his negligence, the driver in the back of the car crash wasw found culpable.
  6. Diabolical (adj)
    • Wicked or evil
    • Ex.
    • The diabolical plan to assasinate the cheif justice was discovered before it could be implemented.
  7. Implement (n) (v)
    • (n) 1. A tool, utensil, or other piece of equipment, espescially as used for a particular purpose
    • (v) 2. To put into affect
  8. Enormity (n)
    • 1. The state or quality of being immoderate, monstrous, or outrageous
    • 2. The state or quality of being huge, immense
  9. Immoderate (adj)
    • Not sensible or restrained;excessive
    • Ex.
    • Taking in immoderate amounts of alcohol into one's system will cause one to be drunk.
  10. Gibe (n) (v)
    • (n) 1. A taunting, scornful remark
    • (v) 2. To utter taunting, sarcastic words
  11. Innocuous (adj)
    • Harmless; unlikely to offend
    • Ex.
    • The reporter's question seemed innocuous, but I was chary of gving out any information.
  12. Necessitate (v)
    To require; to make necassary; to need
  13. Odyssey (n)
    • 1. A long, adventurous journey
    • 2. An intellectual or spiritual quest
  14. Partisan (n) (adj)
    • (n)1. A strong supporter or advocate
    • 2. An armed fighter opposed to an occupying army
    • (Adj) 3. Strongly biased in favor of a particular party, cause, or position
    • Ex.
    • Because of her partisan politics, she votes republican every election.
  15. Posterity (n)
    • A person's descendants; future generations
    • Ex.
    • Is it quixotic to want to make the world a better place for posterity?
  16. Premeditated (adj)
    • Fully planned beforehand; deliberate
    • Ex.
    • Sports are often unable to be premeditated, for there is almost always an unpredecented factor that will contribute to the outcome of the game.
  17. Scurrilous (adj)
    • Vulgar; coarsely abusive
    • Ex.
    • The scurrilous rumors managed to make it throughout most of the school before it was abrogated by the faculty.
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