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  1. The Spencer Club
  2. Wandsworth Museum (Old)
    Garratt Lane
  3. Frogmore
    Putney Bridge Road/Sudlow Road
  4. Spanish Road
    Wandsworth Common North Side/East Hill
  5. Blue Elephant Restaurant SW6
    The Boulevard/Imperial Wharf
  6. Lettice Street
    Munster Road/Whittingstall Road
  7. Fulham Car Pound
    Barkley Road
  8. Barkley Hall
    Effie Road
  9. El Metro Caf� Bar
    Effie Road
  10. Elysium Gate
    Neew Kings Road
  11. Jam Tree Chelsea Restaurant
    Kings Road
  12. Amsterdam Hotel
    Trebovir Road
  13. Easy Hotel Earls Court
    West Cromwell Road
  14. Town House Hotel
    West Cromwell Road
  15. Iverna Gardens
    Iverna Court/Abbingdon Villas
  16. Field Hospital TA Centre
    Iverna Gardens
  17. Tor Gardens
    Campden Hill Road/Horton Street
  18. Airlie Gardens
    Campden Hill Road
  19. Peel Street
    Campden Hill Road/Kensington Church Street
  20. Berkeley Gardens
    Kensington Church Street/Brunswick Garedens
  21. EMI W8
    Wrights Lane
  22. Seraphine Hotel W8
    Kensington High Street
  23. Barkers
    Kensington High Street
  24. Connoisseur Casino
    Kensington High Street
  25. Flower Corner
    Kensington High Street
  26. Azerbaijan Embassy
    Kensington Court
  27. Wodka Restaurant
    Saint Albans Grove
  28. Launceston Place Restaurant
    Launceston Place/Victoria Grove
  29. Kelso Place
    Stanford Road
  30. Kingsley Mews W8
    Stanford Road
  31. Cottesmore Gardens
    Stanford Road/Victoria Road
  32. Museum of Brands Packaging and Advertising
    Colville Mews/Lonsdale Road
  33. Ripe Tomato Restaurant
    All Saints Road
  34. Granger & CO
    Westbourne Grove
  35. Portobello Road Cab Rank
    Westbourne Grove
  36. Stockley House
    Hudson Place/Wilton Road
  37. Wicked
    Apollo Victoria Theatre/Wilton Road
  38. Department Of Trade And Industry
    Victoria Street
  39. Eagle Warf
    Grosvenor Road/Next R is Aylesford St
  40. Milbank House
    Great Peter Street
  41. The Ampersand Hotel SW7
    Harrington Road
  42. Nahm Restaurant
    Halkin St/Halkin Hotel
  43. Thames House
  44. Belgium Embassy
    Grosvenor Cresent
  45. Saint James Theatre
    Palace Street/In by Castle Lane Lv by Wilfred St
  46. Abbey Orchard Street
    Victoria Street/Perkins Rents/Grt Smith St
  47. Dean Farrar St
    Tothill St/Dacre Street/Victoria St
  48. Le Cercle
    Willbraham Street
  49. Rose and Crow PH
    Wandsworth High Street/R Putney Bridge Road L Oak Hill Road L Santos Road R West Hill
  50. North Passage
    Putney Bridge Road/Sudlow Road/Adelaid Road
  51. The Roche School
  52. Roca Galery
    Imperial Wharf/Horbour Avenue
  53. Dominion Theatre Stage Door
    Bainbridge Street/in By Doytt St lve by Streatham Street
  54. James Smith & Sons Umbrellas
    New Oxford Street
  55. Cartoon Museum
    Little Russell Street Lv By Coptic St Bury Place in By Museum only
  56. Bury Place
    Great Russell Street/New Oxford Street
  57. BUPA House
    Bury Place
  58. Unite WC1
    Theobalds Road/Unite House
  59. Royal College of Anaesthetists
    Red Lion Square/Churchill House Next Left Old North Street
  60. Square Pig & S'wine Bar
    Procter Street
  61. South Square WC1
    High holborn
  62. Secrets 3 Club
    Grays Inn Road
  63. British Postal Museum & Archive
    Phoenix Place/Freeling House
  64. Gagosian Gallery WC1
    Britannia Street
  65. Weston Rise
    Penton Rise / Pentonville Road
  66. Lorenzo Street
    Pentonville Road / Kings Cross road
  67. Tune Hotel Kings Cross
    Grays Inn Road
  68. Clifton Hotel/Comfort Inn
    Saint Chads Street in By Birkenhead Street
  69. Camden Town Hall
    Argyle Street
  70. National Union of Teachers
    Mabledon Place
  71. Hughes Parry Hall
    Cartwright Gardens
  72. New Bloomsbury Set ( NBS )
    Marchmont Street/Tavistock Place
  73. Albany Hotel WC1
    Tavistock Place
  74. Camden Chinese Community Centre
    Tavistock Place
  75. Mary Ward Hall
    Tavistock Place
  76. Saint Athans Hotel
    Tavistock Place
  77. Jenner House
    Hunter street
  78. Renoir Cinema
    Brunswick square
  79. Mary Ward Centre
    Queen Square
  80. Royal Homeopathic Hospital
    Queen Square
  81. Queens Larder PH
    Cosmo Place
  82. School of African & Oriental Studies
    Thornhaugh Street
  83. Migraine Trust
    Russel Square
  84. Russell House Hotel
    Bernard Street
  85. Waverley House Hotel/Mercure Bloomsbury
    Southampton Row
  86. Penn Club
    Bedford Place
  87. Montague on the Gardens Hotel
    Montague Street
  88. Angels & Bermans WC1
    Shaftesbury Avenue
  89. Insolvency House
    Bloomsbury Street
  90. Morgan Hotel
    Bloomsbury Street
  91. Socialist Book Store
    Bloomsbury Street
  92. Jurys Great Russell Street Hotel/Bloomsbury Hotel)
    Great Russell Street
  93. Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Hospital For Women
    Huntley Street
  94. Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Hospital Maternity Ward
    Grafton Way
  95. Academy Hotel
    Gower Street
  96. Blue Lion PH
    Grays Inn Road
  97. Westcott Road
    Cooks Road/Chapter Road
  98. One Twenty One Two Restaurnat
    Whitehall Court
  99. Scotland Place
    Great Scotland Yard
  100. Ginham Japanise Restaurant
    Rosbery Avenue
  101. Holborn Tower
    High Holborn/ New Oxford Street in By Bury Place
  102. Balfour Bar Restaurant
    Marchmont Street/Tavistock Place
  103. Kenton Street
    Tavistock Place
  104. London Reginal TA Training Centre W1
    Handel Street
  105. Surridge Court
    Clapham Road
  106. Mossbourne Community Academy
    Downs Park Road/1st LoR Amhurst Park 2nd LoR Cecilia road
  107. Radley Square
    Dudlington Road/Southwald Road/Mount Pleasant Hill
  108. Sam & Annie Cohen Day Centre
    Northwold Road
  109. Clapton Library
    Northwold Road
  110. Powerscroft Road
    Lower Clapton Road/Chatsworth Road/Median Raod
  111. Mount Pleasant Hill
    Mount Pleasant Lane
  112. Southwold Road
    Upper Clapton Road
  113. South Island Place
    Brixton Road/Clapham Road
  114. Brixton Fire Station
    Gresham Road
  115. Ebony Horse Club Community Riding Centre TA
    Millbrook Road Lve By Saint James Cresent L Fyfield Road R Wiltshire Road L Villa Road R Brixton Road
  116. Wigmore Tennis Club
    Becmead Avenue
  117. Dunraven School
    Leigham Court Road
  118. White Lion PH
    Streatham High Road
  119. Raund Chapel
    Powerscroft Road
  120. Ebony Horse Club Community Riding Centre
    Millbrook Road/Barrington Road
  121. Browns Club TA
    LOL Hackney Road R Austin Street R Boundary Street R Culvert Avenue
  122. Syd's Coffee Stall
    Calvert Avenue
  123. Pirates Play House
    Green Lanes/Castle Climing Centre
  124. Middleton Avenue N4
    Green Lanes
  125. Time Square
    Colvestone Cresent St Marks Rise Ridley Road
  126. Dolston Square TA
    L Tyssen Street R Tyssen Passage R Ramsgate Street
  127. Leroy House TA
    L Dove Road L Hanshall Street L or R Balls Pond Road
  128. Esses Road To Saint Pauls Road No Traffic Lights
    L Church Road R Nightingale Road L Clephane Rd L Saint Pauls Road
  129. White Heart Court
    Liverpool Street/Bishops Gate
  130. Shhoting Star PH
    Middlesex Street
  131. Marko Pier White
    Middlesex Street
  132. East India House
    Middlesex Street
  133. Crisis Skyligth Caf�
    Comercial Street
  134. All Saints Shop E1
    Comercial Street
  135. Popies Fish and Chips
    Hanbury Street
  136. Tenbells PH
    Comercial Street/Wentworth Street
  137. The Owl And the Pussy Cat PH
    Red Church Street
  138. Shorditch Station
    Braithwaite Street/Wheeler Street in by Betnal Green road
  139. Ockenden Road
    Southgate Road/Essex Road
  140. Lakeside Court
    Glouchester Drive
  141. Ursula Mews
    Portland Rise
  142. Cristina Square
    Adolpus Road
  143. Alexandra Grove
    Glouchester Drive/Seven Sisters Road NOTrue
  144. St Thomas More Church
    Henry Road
  145. Pizza East
    Bethnal Green Road/Tea Building
  146. Wales Office
  147. Scottland Office
  148. Piccadilly Backpakers
    Sherwood Street
  149. Whole Food Store W1
    Sherwood Street
  150. Laird & Co Hatters
    Sherwood Street
  151. The Third Space Soho Health and Fitness Centre
    Sherwood Street
  152. Brassire Zedel
    Sherwood Street
  153. Bay Sixty Six Skate Park
    Acklam Road in by Blagrove Road Lve By St Ervan's Road
  154. Supperclub
    Acklam Road Blagrove Road Raddington Road
  155. Saint Ervins Road
    Golborne Road/Acklam Road
  156. Pizza East Portobello
    Portobello Road/Bevington Road
  157. Spanish Bilingual School
    Portobello Road
  158. Catholic Childrens Society
    Saint Charles Square
  159. Portobello Star
    Portobello Road/Talbot Road R Colville Sq Lcolville Terr r Colville Rd L Lonsdale Road R Ledbury Road
  160. Portobello Road Cab Rank
    Westbourne Grove
  161. Charles House W14
    Kensington High Street
  162. Tyburn Convent
    Bayswater Road
  163. Chiswick Memorial Club/Afton House
    Bourne Place/Dukes Road
  164. Hogarth Business Centre
    Burlington Lane
  165. Langham Place W4
    Burlington Lane
  166. Hogarth Health Club
    Airedale Avenue
  167. Prebend Gardens
    Chiswick High Road/Stamford Brook Road
  168. La Trompette Restaurant
    Devonshire Road
  169. Chiswick Quay
    Hartington Road
  170. Hogarths House
    Hogarth Lane
  171. Riverside Health Club by Virgin Active
    Riverside Drive/Dukes Meadows
  172. Polish Social & Cultural Association
    King Street
  173. Polish Social Club
    King Street
  174. Premier Travel Inn London Hammersmith
    King Street
  175. Upper Mall
    Rivercourt Road
  176. The Dove Pub & Restaurant
    Upper Mall/In By Rivercourt Road
  177. Anglesea Arms PH W6
    Wingate Road n by Wellesley Avenu
  178. Fleming Court
    Saint Mary Square in By Saint Mary Terrace
  179. Hogan Mews
    Porteus Road
  180. Swafield Road
    Saint Ann's Hill/Kimber Road
  181. Duke's Meadows Tennis and Golf Club
    Dan Mason Drive
  182. Kensington and Chelsea Canu Club
    Riverside Drive/The Promanade
  183. Pillars Sports Club
    Riverside Drive
  184. Kings House Sports Ground
    Riverside Drive
  185. Polytecnick Stadium
    Hartington Road
  186. Moldova Embassy
    Dolphin Square/Edensor Road
  187. Chiswick Old Cemetery
    Corney Road
  188. Chiswick New Cemetery
    Staverley Road
  189. Pissaro Restaurant
    Corney Reach Way
  190. Chiswick Pier
    Corney Reach Way
  191. Merton Avenue W4
    Chiswick High Road in By Cleveland Avenue
  192. Chiswick Ambulance Centre
    Stamford Brooke Road
  193. Prebend Studios
    Ravensmede Way
  194. Roko Heath Club
    Hartington Road/Polytecnick Staduim
  195. Westbourne Studios
    Acklam Road
  196. Areen Designs
    Eyot Gardens
  197. Verbana Gardens
    Great West Road
  198. The Power House
    Chiswick High Road
  199. Golborn Childrens Centre
    Bevington Road
  200. Chiswick Lane South
    Chiswick Mall/Mawson Lane
  201. Church Street W4
    Hogarth Roundabout/Chiswick Mall
  202. British Grove
    Chiswick High Road Lve by Berested Road L North Eyot Gardens F St Peter's Square
  203. St Johns Wood Ambulance Station
    Lyons Place in By Aberden Place and Orchadson Street
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